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Unveiling the true costs of self-publishing your book

Updated: Feb 9

Have you ever had your heart set on something, yet you failed to count up the cost? In your heart nothing was going to stop you. Your mind was made up, and you started moving forward with pursuing or possessing the thing, but you are suddenly faced with the reality of what it will cost. This happened to me when I self-published my first few books. I completed the manuscripts and when I realized the true costs of self-publishing I came to a halt.

Before I unveil the true costs of self-publishing, I must say that writing your book and publishing your book are two separate processes. Writing your book usually costs you time while self-publishing your book costs you money. The time commitment and costs vary, depending on how much time you put into each writing session and the costs of the freelancers or the self-publishing consultant you choose to hire.

Below is a checklist and estimated costs of services. Keep in mind, freelancers and self-publishing consultants set their own prices based on market price, personal experience, and demand.

Cover/Graphic Designer: $250-$700

Interior Designer and Formatter: $400-$800

Proofreader: $500-$1000 (price varies based on word count)

Editor: $2500-$5000 (price varies based on word count and type of editing)

Total Price Range: $3650-$7500

These prices don't include the cost of marketing and promotion.

Hiring a self-publishing consultant, saves you costs as many already have a team of people who they pay at a smaller rate due to providing them with repeat business. Hiring a self-publishing consultant for a done for you service could start at $1500 (editing will likely not be included at this price) and go up to $5000, depending on what all is included in their publishing packages.

Here's the link to the free mini workshop where I break down the costs even more and provide tips on hiring freelancers who can provide quality work for a polished and professional book. Share the link with someone else who may want to write and self-publish a book.

Grace and Peace,

Pamela D. Smith

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