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Pamela D. Smith has been called an "empowerment entrepreneur"  by some, and a "prayer warrior" by others. Whatever you call her, one thing's for sure: she knows how to help people feel good about themselves through the power of prayer and her pen.


Pamela is a distinguished author of empowerment and Christian non-fiction books. She’s sold books by the thousands and has positively impacted numerous lives. She’s also helped more than 60 people publish their own books and rise up as published authors. Pamela’s latest book, Decree It, is a self-help book designed to support and uplift women as they embark on their journey of increasing their confidence and self-worth through positive self-talk. In addition to being an award-winning author, she's also a highly sought-after speaker and corporate professional who uses her own story to inspire others to live a faith-fueled life.

Pamela was born and raised in a small country town in Northern Louisiana, but now lives in Texas with her husband. She has three adult sons. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from AIU University. Pamela is also an ardent member of the National Association of Christian Ministers, is a licensed and ordained minister and a wedding officiant. She loves writing, praying, inspiring others, and spending time with family.


As a renowned author, Pamela D. Smith has dedicated her life to elevating the lives of those in her community and beyond. She is a recipient of the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed upon by President Biden for her work in faith and empowerment. Her life's work is a gift to those who desire to elevate their lives through the power of prayer and presence of God across every life element, personal, spiritual, and professional.

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