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Pamela D. Smith has been called an "empowerment queen"  by some, and a "prayer pal" by others. Whatever you call her, one thing's for sure: she knows how to help women engage in fervent prayer which increases their confidence in Christ and leads to improved wellness: spiritual, emotional, and mental.


Pamela D. Smith, a dedicated Wife, Mother, and Evangelist seamlessly integrates her roles as a Claims Professional and Multi-Award Winning Author. Her fervor for prayer and women's wellness forms the cornerstone of her life. Pamela's unique calling involves exemplifying the harmonious blend of career and calling, while steadfastly empowering and equipping other women on their spiritual and personal growth journey.

A firm believer in the significance of spiritual empowerment and personal growth, Pamela advocates for incorporating prayer and wellness activities into daily life. Her impactful books, her service, and her corporate work have garnered multiple awards, including the prestigious 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden. As she uses the power of words to evangelize through prayer, empowerment, and collaboration, Pamela remains a guiding light in her home, career, and community.

Pamela was born and raised in a small country town in Northern Louisiana, but now lives in Texas with her husband. She has three adult sons. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from AIU University. Pamela is also an ardent member of the National Association of Christian Ministers, is a licensed and ordained minister and a wedding officiant. She loves writing, praying, inspiring others, and spending time with family.


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