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The Literary and Leadership Initiative is an outreach initiative designed to empower women by providing resources they need to become confident leaders and foster a love for reading as a tool for empowerment. Faith-based book donations, group self-publishing consulting to help create a stream of income, leadership training and confidence building through virtual prayer calls and summits, and community support are all a part of the Literary and Leadership Initiative. Partner with me by going to the Literary & Leadership Ministry Partner section below. 

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Literary & Leadership Ministry Partner

 Your financial donation helps me donate copies of books, that I have authored, to women across various communities. These books are designed to uplift, inspire, and provide practical guidance on integrating faith and prayer into everyday life. By providing access to faith-based literature, I aim to foster a love for reading while equipping women with spiritual tools to navigate life's challenges. Your financial donation also helps with  leadership and confidence building training through virtual prayer calls and summits where women come together to pray, share their experiences, and receive support. These sessions are designed to deepen their faith and build a strong spiritual and mental foundation. Women are encouraged to engage in guided prayer and reflection, helping them to develop a consistent and meaningful prayer life. Your financial donation also helps me to provide outreach services to support women in various stages of their lives. This includes mentorship and resources. I am grateful for your donation and partnership in empowering women. Click the link below to send an email with the amount you are wanting to donate and you will receive an invoice to donate.

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