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 Living and Leading a
Prayerful Life

As a Professional Speaker and Licensed Minister, I am available to lead prayer at your Christian/faith-based service or event, women empowerment events, corporate events, women's ministries and bible studies.

As a long-term Corporate Employee, I know there that is not as much focus on faith and spirituality leaving employees to feel as if they have to leave their faith at the door before entering the workplace. This leads to less engaged and less productive employees due to a vital part of their total well-being; their spiritual well-being, is not being nourished or honored. This is why I have Power Hours for corporations, organizations, non-profits, and small groups. This is an hour of prayer, providing spiritual wellness tips, and interactive empowerment activities.

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Looking for faith-based or empowerment resources to provide to your attendees, employees, or staff?

The use of books as additional learning resources and gifts is a great way to encourage employees or attendees to continue learning and developing beyond a speech, workshop, or training.  You can order bulk quantities of my books for a discount. My books serve as inspiration, empowerment, encouragement, and educational resources.  

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