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Living a Healed Life and being a Whole Woman is the best thing you can do with your life. Healing and Wholeness is a journey and I want to take the journey with you through prayer and mentorship. Whether you are serving in your home, church, career, or community, a lifestyle of prayer and inner healing will make you resilient, purposeful, productive, and prosperous.


Signature Speaking Topics

Habits of a Purpose Driven Servant

Companies and organizations are always looking for ways to grow and succeed.  Success and growth often require change and change can be overwhelming for employees. While change management can help employees embrace and adapt to changes, it is often not done without stress, overwhelm, negative feelings towards the company, and even employee turnover.  During these challenging times, employees need inspiration and encouragement. Book Pamela as a transformational speaker to inspire and encourage employees and shift their mindset from thinking of themselves as just an employee, but as a servant who is contributing to the greater good of the world.

Employees will learn:

-How to develop a mindset of thinking like a purpose-driven servant

-5 steps to alleviate job-related stress and overwhelm while remaining productive through change

-The process of assigning purpose and meaning to their job or career.

Faith-Based Business Groups

The relevance of prayer in a post covid world: Praying with purpose.

In this talk, Pamela offers practical strategies to rely on prayer in anxious and uncertain times.

Key Points:

-4 keys to praying for problems out of your control

-How to look past what is being done TO you, and see what God is doing IN you.

-How to boost your prayers using scriptures

-Specific prayer language that produces divine results



Intimate communion with Jesus through corporate prayer

Pamela will lead prayer at your conference, event, or during your service.

Each attendee will:

1. Engage in a unified prayer that will help them to have an intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit.

2. Be in an atmosphere where they can pour out their hearts to God as they demonstrate their reliance on Him.

3. Activate their faith as they trust God to reveal His purpose for their lives.

    Corporate & Non-Profit Organizations

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