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Outlining your book: An Aspiring Author's guide to crafting a cohesive outline for your book structure

Updated: Feb 9

Your outline is the meat and potatoes of your writing process. Your outline is what is going to help you establish and keep a flow as you are writing. At this point you should have already brainstormed and researched your ideas so your outline will help you to stay organized.

Creating an outline is crucial as it serves as a roadmap for your writing, providing structure and organization. An outline will help your ideas flow and will keep you from being all over the place with your writing.

To create your outline, you will need to break down your ideas into chapters and then create a main point, or a central theme, that you are talking about in each chapter.



Chapter 1: Title: How to become a successful author

Theme/Main Idea: This chapter will talk about defining success for yourself and the many ways you can define what success means for you as an author

Supporting Points

1. Personal Success Definition

2. How to establish your own measurement of success

3. The emotions of success as an author

Chapter 2: Title

Theme/Main Idea:

Supporting Points





Repeat the structure for how many chapters you have and this will help you to remain structured throughout your writing process.

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Grace and Peace,

Pamela D. Smith

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