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When it comes to empowering and giving back to community, North Louisiana Business Mogul, LaTonya Jackson is on it. As a pioneering, initiative-taking business leader, LaTonya is serving a dual purpose in her community. Not only does she employ 41 individuals, but she also serves 23 families by providing caregiving service to them.

As the Owner-Operator of Tender Touch Svc, LLC, LaTonya’s leadership role entails overseeing and matching her caregivers with families who have trusted her business to assist their elderly loved ones with activities of daily living. LaTonya started Tender Touch Svc, LLC after serving as a caregiver herself. Her passion for caring for the elderly was so intense that she decided that she could serve and help more by starting her business. Her business and clientele continues to grow as does her passion for caregiving.

When describing her work, LaTonya says, “It gives me satisfaction to know that we are helping families by helping them care for family members who are no longer capable of fully caring for themselves. It is rewarding.”

Her leadership is embraced and respected in her community. She was recently honored on Facebook with the following, “LaTonya Jackson is an inspiration to many of us. I sit back and be like, God when Tonya sets her mind on something, she executes it. I need to be like that.”

LaTonya’s leadership has resulted in client satisfaction and retention as one family’s review stated, "LaTonya and Tender Touch, My heart is very grateful to each of you for the compassionate and wonderful care that you provided for both me and Terry during the last few weeks of Terry’s life. You provided excellent care and helped us as we were making a very hard journey. May God continue to give you giant hearts for others.”

This is exactly how LaTonya describes leadership-being chosen by God as an honest, dependable, hard worker who gives back to their community.” LaTonya is living into it every day. Her leadership shows through the employee appreciation cook-outs that she has for her employees as well as her ability to balance a full-time career at the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office, and through her other business endeavors: Jackson Easy Travel, LaTonya’s Janitorial Svc, LLC, and even helping her husband, Mike Jackson, with his business; Mike’s Lawn Svc, LLC. This North Louisiana businesswoman encompasses what it means to be leading, building, and serving. Her personal brand, and ability to balance it all as a woman, speaks for itself.

For business consultations on starting a caregiver, travel, or janitorial service you can reach out to LaTonya via email at Also connect with her on social media and let her help you plan your next luxury get-away.

Photo Credit: Mike Jackson

Writer: Pamela D. Smith

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