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The Power of Prayer coupled with the Power of the Written Word


Highly dedicated, intuitive, and empowerment-driven, Pamela D. Smith is a leading inspirational speaker, mentor, evangelist, and multi-published, 5x best-selling author. She is an exceptionally passionate individual who leverages her love for spiritual growth, personal growth, and inner healing to drive purpose in others and uses her literary talent to evangelize and minister.

Pamela has been highly sought out for her work, being featured on The Authors Show, Sheen Magazine, N'Style Atlanta, Today's Purpose Woman, Glambitious Online, Bronze Magazine, and the Dallas Voyage. 

Pamela was born and raised in a small country town in Northern Louisiana and is currently living in Arlington, Texas with her husband and three sons. She holds an undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters in Business Administration from AIU University. She is also an ardent member of the National Association of Christian Ministers and is a licensed and ordained minister. 


Let's PRAY 

Living a Healed Life and being a Whole Woman is the best thing you can do with your life. Healing and Wholeness is a journey and I want to take the journey with you through prayer and mentorship. Whether you are serving in your home, church, career, or community, a lifestyle of prayer and inner healing will make you resilient, purposeful, productive, and prosperous.




Book Pamela to come and create an atmosphere of praise and worship through her anointed prayers. Pamela is available to serve on the prayer team at your conference or event. Through praying the word of God, lifting up the name of Jesus, heartfelt praise, and being led by the Spirit of God Pamela will exalt and call on the name of Jesus and saturate the atmosphere with the spirit of prayer. Your attendees will be edified, uplifted, inspired, and some will receive a breakthrough, inner healing, and a shift in their lives from the fervent prayers prayed by Pamela.



 Companies and organizations are always looking for ways to grow and succeed.  Success and growth often require change and change can be overwhelming for employees. While change management can help employees embrace and adapt to changes, it is often not done without stress, overwhelm, negative feelings towards the company, and even employee turnover.  During these challenging times, employees need inspiration and encouragement. Book Pamela as a transformational speaker to inspire and encourage employees and shift their mindset from thinking of themselves as just an employee, but as a servant who is contributing to the greater good of the world. Employees will learn:

-How to develop a mindset of thinking like a purpose-driven servant

-5 steps to alleviate job-related stress and overwhelm while remaining productive through change

-The process of assigning purpose & meaning to their job or career.

Habits of a purpose-driven servant

Book Collaboration Project

How have you been called to serve? What habits have you developed that makes your service purposeful and in alignment with what God has called you to do?

Be a Co-Author in Pamela's book collaboration. This is an opportunity for you to share how you are serving and to help others develop the divine skill of purpose-driven service. 

This book will be strategically written in such a way that you can use it to book paid, corporate speaking engagements and sell bulk copies and keep 100% of the profit. This book can also be used to launch or grow your brand, ministry, or business.

Participation includes:

-500-2000 word submission

-Virtual Book Launch

-Chance to become an Amazon Best-Selling Author

-National Media Features & so much more

***Investment Required**

Join the waitlist to receive details about the information call.


Marketing Strategy


Ready to make more sales, book speaking engagements, establish yourself as an authority figure, and launch or grow your faith-based ministry, brand, or business? Your book can help you do that. It starts with branding and marketing. Request Service Now!

You need visibility with your book. You need to brand yourself as an author and you need a solid sales & marketing strategy. You must put yourself out there and let the world know that you are an author with a ministry, brand, or business that will help others reach their goals. 

This service includes:

-60-minute branding & marketing strategy call

-done for you speaker and book one sheeter

-written & distributed press release

-and so much more!



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While at the Altar


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