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Several years ago, I decided to focus on two important spiritual attributes; my confidence and self-worth. I knew that in addition to prayer, these attributes would help transform my spiritual well-being. After doing the inner work, I wrote Decree It. I wanted to help other women and teens focus on their spiritual wellness and I especially wanted high-performing corporate women to stop feeling as if they had to turn that part of themselves off while at work. 

Doing the inner work and writing this book helped me to unlock the transformative power of positive self-talk and helped me see my confidence soar to new heights.

Decree it is a resource that was written to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you harness the incredible power of your words.


Decide that you will become a woman of unprecedented confidence and self-worth and use this resource as a tool to help you become the best version of yourself while maintaining your spiritual wellness.

Here's why Decree It is a must have in your arsenal of personal growth:

-Elevate your confidence and start living with the assurance of your self-worth

-Understand the power of your words. Words shape your world. The decrees in this book are transformative influences of positive self-talk

-Help you become more purpose-driven. Confidence is the cornerstone of being purpose-driven. Decree It equips you with the mindset and language to align your actions with your deepest aspirations.

-Makes a great gift. Spread confidence and self-worth. Gift Decree It to a loved one or friend and be a catalyst for their journey of becoming a more confident and purpose driven individual.

Order your copy now. 

Decree It Paperback Book

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