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Are you ready to be equipped with the confidence and self-worth to boldly decree what you want to see in your life? Are you ready to start using your words to shape your world? It has taken years for Pamela D. Smith to own the power of her voice. Succumbing to what others spoke over her led to years of shame, doubt, insecurity, and low self-esteem. She would eventually start speaking over herself, renewing her mind, and aligning her words with God's word, and start decreeing what God said about her. She used her words to break free from the internal messages of unworthiness, lack, and guilt and allowed the word of God, along with biblical principles, to usher her into a realm of confidence, self-worth, and success.


Decree It will guide you to greater confidence, a renewed sense of purpose, and a newfound love for your life. Through the use of empowering words and practical insight, Pamela helps you overcome negative self-talk, helps you embrace your God-given identity, helps you overcome shame and guilt, and helps you change your language to faith-fueled self talk so that you experience greater joy and abundance in your life.

Decree It: Digital Version