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Meet the Louisiana Founder of a Top Selling Merchandising Brand

Keshun Martin stated that he has had a passion for fashion ever since he was little. When he was younger he would watch his mom dress up. He said she was always "fresh." He gives credit to his mom for making him the man that he is today. Watching her gave him a love for clothing. He knew early on that he wanted to own a clothing brand and he is grateful that his dreams have manifested today into what Louisiana and surrounding areas know as The Eat or Get Ate Brand.

As the Founder/CEO of the brand, his responsibilities include visual merchandising, purchasing, marketing and promotions, and overseeing sales. He is proud of the work that he is doing. In fact, he considers it rewarding because he is putting in a lot of personal time and effort and seeing the results of it. "It's always rewarding to see results after you spend so many sleepless nights trying to make sure everything is in order," says Keshun.

As a Black face merchandising leader, Keshun feels that having vision helps with brand building. He feels that vision will help with leading others to fulfilling their goals. He provided us with some excellent tips on leadership and branding:

"Use your vision to influence others."

"Know when change is needed."

"Give it your all and never give up."

Keshun's merchandise has caught the attention of influencers such as @lifewithcorey_ , @famous_.nunu, and others.

Grab you some Eat or Get Ate merchandise by visiting the website at and follow the CEO on IG @gg_shun59 and facebook Shun Martin

To Leadership & Branding,

Pamela D. Smith, Writer

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