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Do you have a book in your heart?

Studies show that 81 percent of Americans feel as if they have a book in them. Are you in this number? That's about 200 million people who aspire to authorship. Although there are literally thousands of books uploaded to Amazon and published daily, there are still millions who aspire to do it, but never get it done. Are you in this number? Do you have a book in your heart?

Desiree' Harris-Bonner is a female leader in the literary marketplace who has combined her love for ministry with her skill of book designing to help others get their book out of their heart, onto paper, and then published.

She is the Managing Partner of DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC where she operates as a Spiritual Midwife for emerging Authors by providing Ghostwriting, Editing, Author Coaching, and Book Creation & Design support to International Businesses, Worldwide Ministries, and Independent Solo-Preneurs.

It was in 2012 when Desiree' found herself being laid off after a 30-year career working for a Fortune 20 Corporation in IT/Telecom. She states, "If it had been left to me, I would have continued that career path; however, I'm so glad that God shifted me to the world of entrepreneurship. It has been a faith-walk, because I did not choose the book creation and design work, it chose me. However, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."

When she reserved her business LLC with the state, in March 2012, she made the decision to give herself the working title of "Managing Partner"-not CEO, because she learned that no man...or woman...can do these things, that entrepreneurship requires, except God be with them (John 3:2). She describes her work as rewarding because she gets to do business in partnership with Holy Spirit.

Leadership, for this Managing Partner, means supporting aspiring "bus-inistry" owners to thrive in partnership with God while having a greater impact in both the Kingdom and the Marketplace. (You all know she is speaking our language with this one!). She is building her personal brand by helping kingdom citizens with an inspiring message to get their stories from HEART to PAPER to PUBLISHED!

Her work is done with excellence, integrity, and professionalism. Not only do we see her work, but we have actually been blessed to experience it as clients.

If you have an inspiring message in your heart that you know needs to be put out into the marketplace, then contact Desiree', at , for one of her services. You can soon be on your way from aspiring author to published author!

To see some of her work, follow her on Instagram at @dhbonner

Grace and Peace,

Pamela D. Smith, Writer

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