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Meet the Book Coach and find out ways she can help you get seen, heard, and paid

As an Author, I love connecting with other literary professionals. It's rewarding to hear their stories and to gain wisdom about what has worked for them in these literary streets.

Paulette Harper is indeed a Leader in the literary space and it was great connecting with her and learning of the multiple ways that she is helping authors lead in this space, build their brands, and gain more visibility.

Paulette is an Entrepreneur and Owner of One Story University and Coaching Academy. Here is where she imparts into authors to help them go from great ideas to having a published book.

She is a twelve-time best-selling author. She has also won two awards, making her a multi-award winning author. In addition, she is a certified creative story coach and a leader in the literary marketplace.

Paulette has over 10 years of publishing experience and she is dedicated to helping others write and become successful published writers. She enables her clients to build confidence, grow, and see new possibilities while creating the results they desire while challenging them to unlock and expand their creative thinking and ability.

Pamela: How did you choose the work that you do?

Paulette: After a twenty-three year marriage ended and I was faced with emotional trauma, I received a nudge from God to pen my story of deliverance and restoration. As I wrote my first book, I found out that there were other women who had stories just like mine, but they did not know how to get the words out on paper and get it published. Once my first book was published others started to pull on my creativity and knowledge by asking me to share my process. This gave birth to my coaching services and others begin to seek me for assistance with authorship.

Pamela: Is your work rewarding? How so?

Paulette: My work is very rewarding. I'm in partnership with God and when I see the transformation that the authors are experiencing it makes all of what I have gone through, worth it.

Pamela: What does leadership mean to you?

Paulette: Leadership means supporting aspiring authors and Kingdom entrepreneurs to build a thriving business around their messages while helping them have a greater impact in the marketplace.

Pamela: How would you say you are building your personal brand through the work that you do?

Paulette: I am building my personal brand by empowering aspiring authors to share their stories with the world either by producing a solo book or partnering with me in one of my anthologies.

Pamela: Provide us with some leadership, branding, or empowerment tips

Paulette: Stay committed to what God has called you to do. Have a clear vision on how to serve those you are assigned to.

As an established book coach, Paulette shared that she had no idea that God was going to use her pain as a stepping stone to birth books and then show others how to do it as well. We are delighted to be connected to Paulette and invite you to connect with her as well:

Read and Lead,

Pamela D. Smith

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