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Healed Life


Healed Life, Whole Woman


Healed Woman

/hēld/ /ˈwo͝omən/

A Healed, Whole Woman is unstoppable in every area of her life


Highly dedicated, intuitive, and empowerment-driven, Pamela D. Smith is a leading inspirational speaker, evangelist, life & book coach, and multi-published, 5x best-selling author. She is an exceptionally passionate individual who leverages her love for spiritual growth, personal growth, and inner healing to drive purpose in others and uses her

literary talent to evangelize and minister. Pamela has been highly sought out for her work, being featured on The Authors Show, Sheen Magazine, N'Style Atlanta, Today's Purpose Woman, Glambitious Online, Bronze Magazine, and the Dallas Voyage. 

Pamela was born and raised in a small country town in Northern Louisiana and is currently living in Arlington, Texas with her husband and three sons. She holds an undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters in Business Administration from AIU University. She is also an ardent member of the National Association of Christian Ministers and is a licensed and ordained minister. 


Let's Heal 

Living a Healed Life and being a Whole Woman is the best thing you can do with your life. Healing & Wholeness is a journey and I want to help you heal and become whole through writing and sharing your story, Learn to release pent up emotions as well as find meaning in your experiences through the power of writing. 




This is a one on one writing and publishing consultation where you will be provided with resources and detailed information to help you write and publish your book on your own. You will be provided with all of the tools so that you can successfully write, and publish your book. This consultation includes an electronic version of It Is Written workbook, a customized marketing guide, and a recording of the consultation.  2.5 hours (can be broken into 2 calls)

or Workshop


 Bring the Pray, Write, Heal workshop to your church, non-profit, or organizational group.

This service includes Pamela facilitating a 5-hour workshop to your group of 10 or more. Being whole and healed means better productivity, better employee engagement, and better retention. In this workshop, your group will learn writing exercises that will help them with inner healing so that they are able to feel good about where they work and serve at. 

(does not include travel and lodging)



Virtual Group Coaching

 Become whole through the healing power of writing. In this 8-week group coaching program, you will be coached through using writing to heal and release as you own your story and heal your life. You will be guided on how to turn your past hurts into a transformative story.


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This includes three interactive books for the person who wants to go at it alone. While at the Altar is a book that will help you to become a more effective, fervent prayer warrior. The book includes a section that allows you to journal and write out your prayers. 

Healed Life, Whole Woman is a healing workbook that will walk you through exercises that will help you release past hurts, overcome fears, and free yourself from the bondage of what happened to you all while helping you become free and whole.

It is Written is a workbook that outlines the writing process and walks you through starting and completing your manuscript so that you become the published author you have always dreamed of becoming. 

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Healed Life, Whole Woman