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Pamela D Smith Author

Looking for someone to mentor you and guide you to Living a faith-fueled Life?



Hi, I'm

Pamela D Smith Lifetime Achievment Award Winner

Award-winning author and recipient of the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement bestowed by President Biden.

“You can change your life by changing your language! Positive self-talk is just the thing that can change your life.  Learn how in my latest book, Decree it!“

I believe in the power of prayer and positive self-talk, and want to help you  increase your confidence and self-worth as you build your personal brand. I know it can be easy to believe the words that others have spoken over you, and to believe the stories that others have created of you, but I want to help you change your language so you can change your life. I want to help you live by faith and speak faith-fueled words into your life and decree greater for yourself.


That's why I have services that will help you learn what God says about you, believe what God says about you, and speak what God says about you so that you are able to increase your confidence and self-worth and live a life of abundance. In fact, these practices are the precise way I was able to merge my own faith across every element of my life   —from my corporate experience, entrepreneurial drive, and publishing success.


I know what it's like to not feel confident or worthy—I’ve been there! And now I want to help guide you down your own path of positive self-talk and increased confidence and self-worth.

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a Faith-Fueled Life through

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Pamela D Smith best selling author

My Life's Mission

To encourage, equip, and empower others to live and lead a faith-fueled life.

My Offerings Include

Praying hands

Prayer Leader

I’m a licensed minister with years of experience leading churches, corporations, and groups into fervent prayer. I’ll help you engage in unified prayer that will set you up for an intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit and a chance to pour your heart out to God.

Professional Workshops

Professional Workshops

I’ll help you through guided instruction on how to elevate your personal and professional brand or how to integrate positive self-talk as an effective way to heighten your perspective and opportunities. 

Publishing consulting

Self-Publishing Consulting

I’ll help you with self-publishing your book so that you can use your words to transform lives and build your personal brand.


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Pamela D Smith literary titan book award winner

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