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Empowering & Equipping others so that they live a purpose-centered life


Highly dedicated, intuitive, and empowerment-driven, Pamela D. Smith is a leading prayer leader, multi-published, multi-best-selling, award-winning author, life coach, and evangelist. She is an exceptionally passionate individual who leverages her love for spiritual development and personal growth, self-care, and inner healing to drive purpose in others and uses her literary talent to mentor and minister.

Pamela has been highly sought out for her work, being featured on The Authors Show, Sheen Magazine, N'Style Atlanta, Today's Purpose Woman, Glambitious Online, Bronze Magazine, and the Dallas Voyage. 

Pamela was born and raised in a small country town in Northern Louisiana and is currently living in Arlington, Texas with her husband and three sons. She holds an undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters in Business Administration from AIU University. She is also an ardent member of the National Association of Christian Ministers and is a licensed and ordained minister. 

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Let's HEAL 


Living a Healed Life and being a Whole Woman is the best thing you can do with your life. Healing and Wholeness is a journey and I want to take the journey with you through prayer and mentorship. Whether you are serving in your home, church, career, or community, a lifestyle of prayer and inner healing will make you resilient, purposeful, productive, and prosperous.


church, conference, or christian events




            Book Pamela to facilitate her signature, transformational, group life coaching & mentoring experience to your women's group.  In this 2 1/2 hour, interactive group coaching and mentoring experience, attendees will increase their faith, learn how to deal with depression and anxiety, uncover purpose, become engaged in strategic solutions according to the Word of God, and pursue an unlocking of personal potential while revealing pitfalls.

Pamela's interactive, transformational workshop  includes her 8 steps to inner healing and living a purpose-centered life.

After attending this workshop, attendees will:

-be able to set and achieve life and career goals

-experience spiritual and personal growth

-change negative self-talk

- have increased drive, momentum, and productivity

-manage negative life emotions

-develop or deepen their prayer life

-and have an 8 step framework for inner healing

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Are you having a church program, conference, or Christian event and you

need someone to saturate the atmosphere with anointed prayers? You

already have your keynote speaker booked, but now you need someone

to lead prayer in a way that engages the congregation, as they

experience healing and deliverance.

Book Pamela to come and lead the prayer.

Your attendees will receive healing, breakthrough, and deliverance

through the power of prayer.

As a result of Pamela's prayer, attendees will:

-engage in unified prayer that will help them have an intimate encounter

with the Holy Spirit

-have a safe space to pour out their hearts to God while demonstrating

their reliance on Him

-activate their faith as they rely on God to reveal His purpose and divine

strategy for their life



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While at the Altar


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