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Looking for resources to guide you to transforming your life and career through Prayer?



Hi, I'm

Pamela D Smith Lifetime Achievment Award Winner

Award-winning author and recipient of the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by President Biden.

Inspiring and empowering women through prayer while fostering a community rooted in faith and personal growth.

With faith, empowerment, community, family, compassion, and transformation as my core values, I long to be a beacon of hope and spiritual guidance for women worldwide, transforming lives through the power of prayer.  My prayer and women's outreach ministry, Pamela D. Smith Consulting, was founded to offer wisdom and guidance to women who desire to live a lifestyle of prayer, become spiritually empowered, and experience personal growth.  My books, workshops, resources, and experiences are designed to help women experience the transformative power of prayer. By becoming a trusted source of spiritual guidance and offering personal wisdom, I aim to help women increase their faith, confidence, and prayer practices so that they can overcome challenges and experience transformation.  Here you will find uplifting and inspirational blogs, books, audios, challenges, and workshops that will help women deepen their relationship with God and inspire women on their spiritual and personal growth journeys. Be sure to scroll down and subscribe so you do not miss a prayer challenge, community outreach news, a new prayer book release, or an inspirational blog post.


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Spiritually, Personally & Professionally

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My Life's Mission

To guide women to thrive spiritually and excel in their professional journeys, through the power of prayer. 

My Services Include

Praying hands

Prayer & Consulting

Book me to lead prayer at your women's ministry, church service, events, meetings, prayer summits, prayer revivals, online events. As a Certified Prayer Consultant, I am available to teach my signature workshop that will help attendees strengthen their relationship with God, help them clarify their thoughts and ideas through prayer, and teach them how to create a prayer strategy.

Professional Workshops

Prayer Resources

Invest in your employees, members, or attendees development and wellness by purchasing a bulk order of valuable prayer resources. These resources provides prayers for daily living, resilience, stress management, career growth, wellness, daily work organization and so much more. These resources can be used as interactive guides or so individuals have a readily available resource to quickly access information or inspiration.

Publishing consulting

Prayer Calls

As women of faith, we often face challenges that are not understood. Prayer is a personal development and spiritual wellness tool that helps with work-life balance, ethical dilemmas, gender bias, feelings of isolation, and cultural expectations. I provide prayer support throughout the year to empower you and help you navigate these challenges with confidence and integrity. Subscribe now so you will be updated on prayer calls and open prayer strategy sessions.


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