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Looking to become more confident when praying and guided into Impactful Leadership?



Hi, I'm

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Award-winning author and recipient of the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement bestowed by President Biden.

“My mission is to help enrich the lives of others through prayer, reading, positive self-talk, and leadership development while helping you enhance your spiritual wellness. Learn more through my books and services, Decree it!“

I believe in the power of prayer and leadership development, and want to help you pray with purpose and precision, and improve your leadership skills as you grow spiritually, personally, and professionally. Through prayer, reading,  positive self-talk, and literacy you can enhance your leadership ability and lead with purpose and confidence.


As an avid reader and a person with a strong prayer life, I know the impact that fervent prayer and literacy can have on your life and your leadership ability. In fact, it is the precise way I continue to grow and develop in every area of my life.  It's through prayer and reading that I have been  able to blend my calling with my career and achieve success as a Corporate Employee and a Multi-Published Author. 

As the Founder of Pamela D. Smith Consulting, my mission is to help you enhance your prayer life and become more confident in your communication with God. I also have a Leadership and Literacy Initiative where I write non-fiction books that helps with prayer or leadership development. I believe that every time we open the page of a book there is something within that helps us become more literate in a certain area of life.

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a Spiritually well Life 

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My Life's Mission

To empower and equip women to become  better leaders through prayer and literacy. 

My Offerings Include

Praying hands

Prayer Leader

I’m a licensed minister with years of experience leading churches, corporations, and groups into fervent prayer. I’ve seen and experienced first hand how transformative prayer can be, and I believe that it is an essential dimension of total wellness that should not be overlooked. Book me to engage your attendees in this transformative experience.

Professional Workshops


I am available as a panelist or guest speaker for your event, corporate meeting or training, or your book launch. I have over 25 years of corporate experience and can provide insight on customer service and leadership development. As a Multi-published and Award-Winning Author, I can help enhance your author event or host your book signing/launch.

Publishing consulting

Read and Lead

The use of books as additional wellness resources and gifts is a great way to encourage attendees to continue with their wellness practices beyond a speech, workshop, or training. Inquire about a bulk order of one of my books to provide to attendees or to include in gift bags. I am also available to come do a Book Talk discussion from one of my books.


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