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About Pamela 

Highly dedicated, intuitive, and empowerment-driven, Pamela D. Smith is a leading inspirational speaker, consultant, literary evangelist, and multi-published author. She is an exceptionally passionate individual who leverages her love for spiritual and personal growth to drive purpose in others and uses her literary talent to evangelize and minister. Pamela has been highly sought out for her work, being featured on The Authors Show, Sheen Magazine, N'Style Atlanta, Today's Purpose Woman, Glambitious Online, Bronze Magazine, and the Dallas Voyage.


Pamela was born and raised in a small country town in Northern Louisiana and is currently living in Arlington, Texas with her husband and three sons. She holds an undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters in Business Administration from AIU University. She is also an ardent member of the National Association of Christian Ministers and is a licensed and ordained minister.

Ever since she was little, Pamela has always been enriched by the presence of God, prayer, and being a valuable resource to foster positive change in the world. She was always reading and writing and strengthening her skills throughout her childhood. This background resulted in her publishing 9 transformational books, selling thousands of copies, and becoming a 4-time Amazon best-selling author and a two-time Nominee for the IALA Spiritual Author of the Year Award. In 2017, she was also the Pink Carpet Honoree at LaShae's Business Women Expo. When you open the pages of Pamela's books, you will find an in-depth look into her life, including her teen pregnancy, postpartum anxiety challenges, and depression, and see how she overcame it with the power of prayer and her pen.


Now as a Christian business and publishing consultant, Pamela is still fervently helping other aspiring Christian non-fiction authors around the world reach moving accomplishments by penning their life-changing testimonies and revelations. Those who consult with Pamela can take advantage of her mastery in publication and spread the word of God to enlighten readers. She knows how to formulate ideal concepts and put them on paper to deliver clear, purposeful messages to readers that leave them feeling spiritually awakened. She also covers spiritual care methods, decreasing the risk of  burnout during the production process.


Nothing makes Pamela happier than being able to support others to live flourishingly, which led to her Founding the Christian lifestyle brand, Go(o)d Girl. Whether it be through her enriching speeches at various corporations and panels, her publications, or her consulting support, Pamela is completely driven in her pursuit to advance the lives of women and Christian authors across the globe. She leverages her gifted talents to not only promote the gospel of Jesus Christ but also to awaken spiritual and personal development in others so they can discover their faith and genuine purpose on this earth.  


Pamela is a powerhouse in everything that she does. Though she has a substantial inventory of successes ​throughout her life thus far, she continues to help other Go(o)d Girls experience transformation through her books, audios, products, and publishing resources. 

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Literary Consultation

Receive expert advice from a literary evangelist, avid reader, writer, and self-publisher. This will be a 1 hour call where you can receive assistance with developing your book ideas, creating an outline, writing tips, manuscript review, how to self-publish and more. 

Self-Publishing Class for Christian Writers

Even if you have a dream of writing a book, it can be very difficult to get started and actually finish. In this class program you will receive  guidance on writing and finishing your book and will be taught how to self-publishing it on Amazon. Classes are taught at an announced time throughout the year.

Christian Book, Blog, or Product Feature

If your Christian Book, Blog, or Product helps with spiritual and personal growth and development then you need to get it in front of your target audience. The fastest way to do this is by being featured in front of someone else's social media account who has already built your ideal target audience. This feature includes a SM post and story feature.



"You would think that a 61 year old retired professor would not learn anything new from a young lady. WRONG! After hearing Minister Pamela speak, I bought her book and read it cover to cover. She is now one of my favorite life coaches. May God continue to use you powerfully, Pamela."

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