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Looking for someone to help you become more confident when praying and guide you to Spiritual Wellness?



Hi, I'm

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Award-winning author and recipient of the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement bestowed by President Biden.

“My mission is to help enrich the lives of others through prayer, reading, positive self-talk, and writing; helping you enhance your spiritual wellness. Learn more through my books and services, Decree it!“

I believe in the power of prayer and spiritual wellness, and want to help you pray with purpose and precision, and improve your wellness as you grow spiritually, personally, and professionally. Through prayer, reading, positive self-talk, and writing you can enhance your spiritual wellness and live a life of purpose and abundance.


Do you ever feel like you lack confidence when praying? Do you hold back from praying because you feel as if you don't know what to say? Do you feel as if your faith has to be left at the door when you enter the workplace? Prayer and a focus on spiritual wellness; an important dimension of total wellness is the precise way I was able to merge my own faith across every element of my life   —from my corporate experience, entrepreneurial drive, and publishing success.

I am the Principal Consultant and Founder of Pamela D. Smith Consulting, which is a Prayer & Spiritual Wellness Ministry and Consulting brand. Join me on this journey towards wholeness and spiritual wellness.

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a Confident, Prayerful Life 

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Pamela D Smith best selling author

My Life's Mission

To encourage, equip, and empower others to live and lead a confident, prayerful life.

My Offerings Include

Praying hands

Prayer Leader

I’m a licensed minister with years of experience leading churches, corporations, and groups into fervent prayer. I’ve seen and experienced first hand how transformative prayer can be, and I believe that it is an essential dimension of total wellness that should not be overlooked. Book me to engage your attendees in this transformative experience.

Professional Workshops

Power Hour

Very few employee wellness programs or groups focus on the importance of spiritual wellness. Invest in morale, productivity, and engagement by incorporating faith and spirituality into your wellness programs. Book Me for a Virtual Power Hour that includes prayer, spiritual wellness tips, creative exercises, and empowerment .

Publishing consulting

Wellness Resources

The use of books as additional wellness resources and gifts is a great way to encourage attendees to continue with their wellness practices beyond a speech, workshop, or training. You can order my books in bulk as they are written to help women become more confident and to practice wellness. My books are interactive resources.


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