“Just like you need to strengthen your core physically with exercise, you also need to strengthen your core spiritually”
— Anne Graham Lotz



"You would think that a 61-year old retired professor would not learn anything new from a young lady. WRONG! After hearing Minister Pamela speak, I bought her book, Life, Love & Liberty. I read it cover to cover, and now she is one of my favorite Life Coaches. May God continue to use you powerfully, Pamela."

Nanthalia McJamerson

"Pamela D. Smith writes candidly and compassionately about modern issues facing church leadership and church congregations. I can't imagine a more perfect person to facilitate meaningful conversations about church worship that are inclusive and non-judgmental."

Tina Koenig-Author & Conference Consultant


“Pamela’s message is clear and important: church is a place where there should be trust in the people of God-a place to get cleansed without dirtiness being judged. However her experience reveals that church is not always a place of trust and freedom so she outlines how to embrace your own relationship with God and commit to Jesus Christ. Her book carries an honest, open and encouraging message to those who have been “church hurt.”

Valeria Teles

AWESOME woman of God is Pamela Smith. She brought the Word to us at our Elect Ladies Scholarship Luncheon! I’m going to have to start claiming her as MY cousin now. Thanks Monica Spencer for connecting me to her.

Princess Davis