Pamela publishes under the business name RP Smith Brand. RP Smith was founded by Pamela and her husband, Randall R. Smith, Sr.

Our publishing process includes an initial consultation, review of your manuscript, selection of a publishing package, contract signing and payment. Once payment has been made we start working on completing your book for publication. You will receive a weekly update of the process. At the completion of the process, we will schedule a 30 minute consultation to answer any questions you have about ordering your author copies, marketing, and selling your book.

At this time we do not offer ghost writing services, writing assistance, or writing consultations. We do have a digital product that gives step by step guidance on writing and completing your book. This is a self-paced guide where you will end up with a completed manuscript. Please let us know if you purchased this product to assist you in writing your book. We will deduct the price of this product from your publishing package if you provide proof of purchase.

Randall R. Smith, Sr. is a business strategist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and a Certificate in Marketing. 


Pamela D. Smith is a Speaker and consultant with a Bachelor’s in Social Science and a MBA Degree. She is the author of 9 books and the visionary author of a family book collaboration.

It is our mission to help authors build beyond their book and to use their book as a tool to enhance their business or ministry while building a memorable brand.

To inquire about our publishing services fill out a form on the contact page, or to book a consultation, go to the Booking Page.

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