RP Smith Brand is a consulting agency based in Arlington, Texas. The agency was founded by husband and wife, Randall R. Smith, Sr. and Pamela D. Smith.

The agency consults with aspiring authors and provides them with information and strategies to self-publish their book and then use their book to build their brand. The agency has worked with several Christian and inspirational authors as well as self-help poets. The agency offers consultations, e-books, and online assistance with book promotions and advertising.

Randall R. Smith, Sr. is a business strategist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and a Certificate in Marketing. 


Pamela D. Smith is a Speaker and consultant with a Bachelor’s in Social Science and a MBA Degree. She is the author of 8 books and the visionary author of a family book collaboration.

The motto of RP Smith Brand is Books, Business, Brands. The agency's mission is to help authors build beyond their book and to use their book as a tool to enhance their business or ministry while building a memorable brand.

To inquire about our publishing services fill out a form on the contact page, or to book a consultation, go to the Booking Page.

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