In this self-help book, you will learn an 8-step inner healing process while deepening your prayer life. This interactive, award-winning book provides practical exercises that will help you:

-disconnect from shame and guilt associated with past hurt, pain, and trauma

-stand in your truth

-no longer be enslaved to your past

-live life from a healed place

-develop spiritual fortitude

-deepen your prayer life

​By the end of While at the Altar, you'll know how to experience abundance in every area of your life by using healing, prayer, and forgiveness as the foundation of becoming resilient and whole. You will also unlock your personal potential and understand the power and freedom that comes with inner healing and prayer.


Here's what some readers are saying:


"Thank you for writing from a place of spiritual maturity and wisdom. I often look for books that do more than teach what prayer is. Your book is definitely more than that! Through recounting personal lessons learned through her time at the altar, each chapter is written with the reader in mind. The reader has an opportunity to know what personal and spiritual growth looks like on both a practical and spiritual level.-" Brittany Smalls

"This book related so well to the struggle of developing an intentional prayer life. This book not only guided me, but informed me on my prayer life so that I was able to deepen my relationship with God. This is a must have in your spiritual arsenal-" Chris B.


"I'm just on page 21 and I feel as if you are talking personally to me, encouraging me to press because it's bigger than me...." Quin Clay


"I just started reading While at the Altar and I love it" Rosalyn


"I just wanted you to know that before my mom passed she would always take While at the Altar with her in the hospital and read it, especially the prayers. When she would forget to take it she would have me bring it to her. Thank you for letting God use you to write this book" Katriva

While at the Altar Paperback Book