Become whole through the healing power of writing.  In this 8 week group coaching program you will be coached through using writing to heal and release past hurts as you own your story and heal your life. In this program you will be guided on how to turn your past hurts and pains into a transformative story.


In this program you will:

-Release past hurts and pains through writing exercises

-Learn how to leverage your story to build your brand, ministry, or business

-Learn how to write and structure your story into a sellable book

-Learn how to use your experiences for your good

-Learn the therapetutic benefits of writing

-Learn how to gracefully express yourself through words


In this program you will be in a small, intimate group where you will have a safe space to pray, heal, and write. This program includes:

-4 weeks of life coaching (inner healing)

-4 weeks of writing coaching (step by step on writing and completing your book)


At the end of this intensive you will be given the opportunity to learn how to publish your book (become a publisher)!


Beginning August 2021

Pray, Heal, Write Group Coaching