This is not a publishing service. This service is for already published authors who are ready to use their book to launch their ministry, brand, or business. A book is your big business card that will open up doors of opportunity for you. Having packaged your expertise in a book will set your ministry, brand, and business apart as your published book is evidence that you have something of value to add to the life of others.

You need visibility with your book. You need to brand yourself as an author and you need a solid sales & marketing strategy. You must put yourself out there and let the world know that you are an author with a ministry, brand, or business that will help others reach their goals. 

This service includes:

-60 minute branding & marketing strategy call

-done for you speaker and book one sheeter

-written & distributed press release

-book purchase announcement flyer

-1-2 online magazine or blog article feature(s)

-1 LinkedIn blog feature

-shares of your book on social media account stories

-written marketing & sales strategy that was created during the strategy call


Ready to make more sales, book speaking engagements, establish yourself as an authority figure, and launch or grow your faith-based ministry, brand, or business? Your book can help you do that. It starts with branding and marketing. Request service Now!

Author Branding & Marketing Strategy