While at the Altar: Praying for the World

Right now our world is experiencing something that many of us have never seen in our lifetime and many may never see again. For some it's causing fear, anxiety, and turmoil while others have not lost their peace nor their hope. Whichever end you may find yourself on, your prayers are needed now more than ever.

To take precaution does not mean that you don't trust God. The bible does say that faith without works is dead (James 2: 26) so it would not be wise to say that you are standing on faith but you are not doing the required works such as frequent hand washing with antibacterial soap, covering your mouth when you cough, and limiting yourself to being around those who are sick.

We are experiencing a moment in time where we need to sincerely call on the name of Jesus. Be it a hoax (as some are saying), blown out of proportion (as many claim), or reality, WE NEED TO BE AT THE ALTAR TRAVAILING!

I ask that you will say this prayer everyday (for the next 7 days) and let's believe that there will be a sudden calm to this spiritual (yes, it's spiritual) storm that we are experiencing in our world. I also ask that you share this post/prayer with 2 friends so that they can join us in prayer for the next 7 days. Our prayers coupled with our faith will move God's hand on our behalf!

Stay safe!

Evangelist Pamela D. Smith

Heavenly Father,

You are Lord over it all. We thank you that you have allowed us to see a new day. God if it had not been for your grace we would be consumed. Lord we thank you that your mercy has enabled us to be here on today to pray for our world. We need you God. We need you God. We need you God. We acknowledge your ominpresence and we are grateful that you are everywhere at the same time. God tough every nation, in the name of Jesus. Heal in the name of Jesus. God grant wisdom to the medical professionals who are diligently looking for a cure. Protect those who have to work with and help those who are sick with the coronavirus. Protect

them from contracting this illness. God we know that you are a healer. We know that you are a protector. We know that you can do anything but fail but God give us wisdom to do what we can do to protect ourselves. Increase our faith Lord. Remove the fears and calm this world Lord. Those who are doubting Lord, we ask that you will reassure them that YOU ARE STILL GOD! We thank you for turning this around. We thank you that you are supreme over a virus, you are supreme over sickness, you are supreme over disease. Lord, let us remember that because we are your children we dwell in the shelter of the most High. Lord you are our refuge and fortress and we trust in you. Do it for your glory, Lord. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!