While At The Altar-Pray for Emotional Healing (Week of 2/17/20)

Many people will say that we are creatures of habit. I often say that we are creatures of emotions. We rely on our emotions more than I think that we should. We think with our emotions, we make decisions with our emotions, and we act out of our emotions. This is why oftentimes we are emotionally drained and voided thus the need to pray for emotional healing. Constantly thinking, acting, and deciding with our emotions will leave them bruised and wounded and anything that is bruised and wounded has to heal in order for that thing to be healthy. I want to share my emotional healing prayer with you today and want to challenge you to get in the habit of praying for emotional healing as well as asking God to guard your emotions and give you discernment and conviction when you are exposing yourself to emotional trauma.

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Here's the prayer:

May you be emotionally healed,

Pamela D. Smith