While at the Altar: Equipped for Prayer

There's nothing more sacred than engaging in intimate conversation with God. The One to whom we pray is where we get our power from prayer. It's how we plug into supernatural power and divine strength. Praying in faith is the key to answered prayer. Hebrews 11:6 says that, without faith it is impossible to please God" therefore when we pray in faith our prayers are pleasing to God. They are like a sweet incense to Him.

Our prayers are an act of worship where God is glorified and we are reinforcing our need for Him. In order to receive supernatural strength, be successful in spiritual warfare, and receive victory through prayer we must be equipped for prayer.

The Word of God is prayer equipment. The Word is a defense against adverse situations. When God's word is planted in our hearts, The Holy Spirit will bring those words to remembrance during our time of need. Making sure that we are always using the word (scripture) in our prayers.

Worship is prayer equipment. Worship stirs up the atmosphere in our favor. Worship also lifts us to a realm above our situation. Once we enter that realm there is no space for worry and distress.

The armor of God is prayer equipment. The armor of God (Read Ephesians 6: 10-18) provides comfort and guarantees victory. Having on the armor of God does not mean that we are free from the reality of our situations, it just means that we have several lines of defense against the raging warfare of life.

Continue to stay safe, healthy, and prayerful!

Blessings and Breakthroughs,

Evangelist Pamela D. Smith


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for another week. Your grace and mercy allowed me to see a new day and I am grateful. God continue to show favor to the entire world. Bless your people. Heal your people. Help us to show kindness to one another. May the power of your Holy Spirit saturate and renew our minds so that we will only think thoughts of life, love, and liberty; thoughts that will glorify you and edify our souls. Lord God, arrest our thoughts and bring them into captivity so that we may pull down strongholds and think thoughts of good and not of evil. Help us to be more fervent in prayer. As we continue to call upon the name of Jesus you have promised that we will not be made ashamed. In Jesus name. Amen