While at the Altar

Happy New Week to you! I pray that this email finds you in the very best of health and happiness. Before I get into our focus for this week I want to advise of some upcoming changes. These times cause for a pivot in ministry and business therefore as a result I am centralizing everything. Many have enjoyed receiving the text messages directly to their phones however as a business woman I am always looking for ways to be more efficient and since my part-time admin assistant is having to close her business and start a corporate job I will need the time back. Therefore, I am inviting you to subscribe to the email list in order to keep receiving inspiration, christian short stories, and tools to increase your faith and enrich your life. Eliminating the texting system means that I will only have to write out the blog and then send you an email all from one place. The texting system is on a different platform. I appreciate your support and growing in Jesus with me. Scroll to the middle of the page here to subscribe:

Next, the e-book version of my new book, While at the Altar, hit two Amazon bestsellers list in less than 24 hours. Somebody shout, "That's a Jesus thing!!!!" I want to invite you on Facebook Live on this Saturday May 9, 2020 at 11 am to the Virtual Book Signing of the paperback version. This signing is for my personal Facebook family & friends. I'll do one later for the ministry family & friends. I want to express my gratitude to each of you as you are a vital part of what God is doing in my life and my prayer for you is that you always experience His best.

Things are changing swiftly. The way we do ministry and business is changing. God is calling each of us to embrace the new things that He is doing. Thank you for your flexibility with my ministry and my growth. Here's to your faith this week:

"In the name of Jesus, I declare that the power of darkness be dismantled and disarmed right now in Jesus name. I loose the spirit of holiness, the spirit of righteousness, and divine protection. May the angel of the Lord destroy the works of satan. I take claim of every spiritual promise to me. God I ask that you tear down everything that is trying to block, hinder, or stand in the way of my promise. I praise you for victory, in Jesus name!"- from my book, While at the Altar

It's time for you to get results from your prayers. What are you saying #Whileatthealtar? Are you praying in faith? Are you using the word of God? Are your prayers solution oriented? Are you allowing the Holy Ghost to lead the prayer? Are you travailing and allowing the power of God to overtake you?

You can find all of this plus many strategic prayers in my bestselling book📖, While at the Altar. Your prayer life will be enriched. You will become a co-laborer with the Holy Ghost as the devil is reminded of the open shame that Jesus put him to. Are you ready for real victory in prayer? 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Hope to see you virtually this Saturday. You can purchase a print copy of the book and as you read the stories, apply the strategies, and pray the prayers your life is going to be enriched and your faith will increase. Certainly!

Don't forget to subscribe to the email list as the blogs are changing and will be even more enriching. I don't want you to miss it.

Love & Blessings,

Pamela D. Smith