Where is your faith in the Lord?

I'm thrilled to share this book with you as it is one that I had the pleasure of assisting with the publishing of.

Where is your faith in the Lord is a poetry collection, written by Author/Poet Greg Steppes.

Greg has a heart for people, writing, and poetry and he is fervently pursuing his passion as this is his third poetry book. When asked Greg why he is so steadfast with writing and publishing he replied, "I just want to make mom happy." Greg's love for poetry was intensified when he lost his mother several years ago. He writes and releases faith-stirring and soul-nourishing poems, several of which reminds him of his mother's love and presence. Greg also stays current on world events and often pens poems in memory of heartbreaking events and people who have lived purposeful lives and made great impacts and contributions to the world.

Greg is a native of Los Angeles, CA, and has been writing inspirational poetry since the 1980s Greg is an active member of his community and an usher at his local church. Professionally he is a CNA and volunteers with the local ambulance service.

To support Greg you can purchase his book on Amazon by clicking here:


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