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When Pain births Purpose

It seems as if pain, stress, and mental anguish have been normalized. Perhaps it's because it's such a global crisis that we have learned to live with it. Sure, we have been guaranteed that "in this world, we will have trials" as mentioned in John 16:33 but we have to do as the Bible admonishes us to do and that is "be of good cheer because Jesus has already overcome the world." Jesus' overcoming of pain, trials, hardships, and persecution is our guarantee that through Him, we can also overcome.

We are not to just accept pain as our destiny, but rather use it as fuel to birth purpose. This is exactly what the new author, Kretena Hunter, did. In her first book, Pain Birthed my Purpose, Kretena shares with us her trial to triumph story of restoration and recovery. From being wrongfully arrested to wrongful termination, Kretena used her pain to birth her purpose and now she is encouraging others on letting God lead, heal, and restore you.

What motivated you to write your book?

Kretena: To help myself heal through the writing process so that my writing could also help others heal

Why do you feel sharing your story is important?

Kretena: To help others heal and overcome shame, past hurt, and life challenges that the world will have you thinking you could never shake back from!

Talk to us about healing. How important is it to be healed and why?

Kretena: It is very important to get healed for yourself most of all to be able to move forward and not bleed on others. Sometimes we can be in denial about being hurt and try to convince others we are ok, I call this FAKE because it will cost you nothing to be REAL with yourself and admit it so that you can truly start to heal. I’ve noticed a pattern of many putting on for social media, but in real life, they are dying on the inside! This can all change if you want it, first of all, and get around like-minded people that have been through something and have healed and can give you tips on healing. I recommend reading and praying, journaling and exercising. All these are positive things that will give you strength from day to day!

If there was one thing that you wanted readers to walk away with after reading your book what would that one thing be?

Kretena: Boldness! To never be ashamed of what you went through! It Had To Happen in order for God to birth your purpose! I know it doesn’t feel good but it’s going to work for your good!

How can readers connect with you further?

Kretena: Facebook: @positivevibes

Twitter: @painbirthedit

Instagram: @painbirthedmypurpose

Website Coming Soon: @

It was a pleasure helping Kretena with publishing her book, learning more about her story, and seeing how her pain birthed her purpose. Stay connected with Kretena to pre-order your copy this week!

Be Encouraged,

Pamela D. Smith

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