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Watch your Mouth!

What are you speaking over your life? Increase your confidence and self-worth so that you can experience success in every area of your life

You can change your life by changing your language. Are you intentional about what you speak over yourself? If you unconsciously say things like, "I'm so tired, I can't do that, I don't have the money, I'm sick of this" I want to challenge you to start being intentional about what you are speaking over yourself. Yes, there is a certain thing called reality that we must live into, however we do NOT have to make our current reality, our destiny. In fact, your present location (the condition of your life) is not your final destination. I'll say it again, "your current location is not your final destination." It does not matter how good your life is right now, God has even better for you. Why don't I have it yet? Because you are not confident that you can. Because you don't feel worthy of it. On the surface you say that you are confident and on the surface you say that you feel worthy of all of God's promises, but when you go inwardly you will probably discover that there is a lack of confidence and self-worth. How do I increase my confidence and self-worth? By Knowing what God says about you By Believing what God says about you By Decreeing what God says about you Dear Heart, you can know something without believing it, and you can believe something without decreeing it (making it a factual statement), but I want you to be equipped so that you can decree a thing and it be established for you (Job 22:28). Confidence and self-worth are going to be key characteristics to building a faith-fueled brand where you are positioned as a leader and helping change lives. I'm showing up to help you increase your confidence and self-worth. It's necessary before you can build anything lasting. Pamela D. Smith

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