Using Social Media as a Christian Author

Yes, yes, yes I am going to be the one thousandth person to tell you that as an author, writer, blogger you must build your platform. Yes you must. That's the story and we are sticking to it. Part of building your platform is using social media. I know you've heard this a thousand times so I'm just here to remind you. Building a platform and using social media as a part of that platform really does work. I would not kid you. If you are a Christian Author, Writer, or Blogger then you are probably using your call to write to build your ministry and social media should be a part of that. Here are 4 ways to use social media as a Christian Author, Writer, or Blogger in order to enhance your ministry.

  1. Share your faith on social media to connect with those of the same faith. When you build a community of people of the same faith it will help you to stay encouraged. We all have days where we need to be lifted up so by connecting with those of the same faith you will always have someone to go to.

  2. Share your testimony to non-believers. Those who don't believe need a reason as to why they should accept our Jesus as their Lord and Savior. By sharing your testimony, as the Holy Spirit leads you and with who He leads you to share it with, will be a witness to non-believers that Jesus is REAL!

  3. Share photos of you engaging in activities where God is being glorified. Do you volunteer? Do you donate to charity? I know that sometimes these moments can be sacred and all of them are not to be shared but those that are appropriate to share should be shared.

  4. Share tips from your book and explain to your community how they can apply these tips to their life in order to live a life of faith and purpose.

As prayer should be a part of every strategy that you use, always pray about what God will have you share as the right content at the right time can minister to the heart of someone you are connected to on social media.


Pamela D. Smith

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