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There is no guide to parenting, yet help is available from Chapri Johnson

If only parenting came with instructions. As cliche' as it may sound, there are times in a parents life where they wish they could open up a resource and follow the instructions within. Although there is no guide, help is still available through the work that Youth Life Behavior Strategist and Parent Empowerment Coach, Chapri Johnson does.

Chapri, tell us about your business and how you are making life for parents, children/families easier.

Chapri: My business is Proactive Positive Parenting & Partners. As a Behavioral Strategist for youth and a Parent Empowerment Coach, I support families with their school aged children by helping them manage stressful life experiences. I also give parents tools, strategies, and permission that will help empower them when setting appropriate boundaries and expectations for their children.

They call you the Child Whisperer, which I think is appropriate for what you do. How did you get that name?

Chapri: I received that title because I help parents stress less while parenting. I am affectionately called this by my administrators and colleagues.

Share the backstory of how you started this much needed work?

Chapri: Being an elementary school teacher for 32 years, every year I would have students in my class who were not equipped with "socio-emotional backpacks." They did not have the ability to resolve and effectively engage with themselves and others using positive and effective social and emotional interactions. They had the material things that they needed to have a successful school year but did not have the one thing that would truly make for an optimal, successful school year. I saw a need in the children and the parents and knew that God had gifted me to help in this area so being gifted in it made the transition, from becoming a school teacher to a Behavior Strategist and Parent Coach, easy.

Being that you are a leader, tell readers what leadership means to you.

Chapri: Leadership means showing others how to do something that will change their lives and their futures. A leader uses systems and structures to help others take on new awareness and learning so that they have the freedom to independently use what they have learned. Leadership is building on one's strength and enhancing their abilities.

Connect with Chapri on Facebook and Instagram and/or via email at You can also read another article on Chapri here:

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