The Advantages of Digital Publishing

While there are still a large number of readers who love a print copy of a book, a large number of readers appreciate a digital copy. If you are an author and your book is only available in print, now would be a good time to explore digital options. With the social distancing recommendations from our government leaders due to the COVID-19 outbreak, having a digital copy of your book will mean that you are still able to make book sales. Reading is one of the more popular things that people tend to do during their downtime. So to evolve with the changes around the world I want to give you 3 advantages of digital publishing. Digital publishing benefits your readers and as an author you always want to keep your readers at the center of what you do.

1. Digital publishing (e-books, audio books) saves your readers money. Who doesn't like saving money? E-books are usually cheaper than an actual print book because there are no printing and shipping costs.

2. Digital publishing provides ease of purchase. All readers like the convenience of ease. An e-book can be purchased right from a cell phone, right from wherever they are.

3. Digital publishing allows for immediate receipt of the book. After the purchase of an e-book the book is usually delivered to the reading device within a few seconds to a few minutes. This enables a reader to be able to immediately begin reading.

As an author you are a small business owner so it's important to think like a business owner and be innovative with how you serve your readers. By doing so you create a win/win for yourself (sales won't stop) and your readers.

If you only have a print copy of your book and you are interested in an e-book version of your book then I invite you to schedule a FREE consultation so that we can discuss e-book publishing.

Books Build Brands,

Pamela D. Smith

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