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Shatoria Christian shares leadership tips and what she is doing to build her personal brand

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Teacher, Speaker, and Podcaster are a few of the roles that Black, female leader, Shatoria Christian fulfills. Shatoria has served in the Air Force for 21 years. She is currently in the process of retiring and starting her career as a high school teacher.

Shatoria tells us that being in the Air Force was not an easy choice, however, she needed it to grow and believes that choice is the reason she is where she is now in her life. When asked what leadership means to her, she stated, "Leadership means that I am a helper. I am someone people can depend on. I can lead and follow. As a leader, I can hear and understand. I am listening to what is needed and not just what is wanted. I can make decisions when there is a moment of doubt."

Shatoria describes her work as rewarding to her soul because she gets to watch people heal and become whole. She is a multifaceted in her pursuit to empower others. Her heart for the youth is the fuel that allows her to speak life into them and walk in love with them.

Shatoria shares a branding tip to just be you because no one can be what you have been called to be.

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Pamela D. Smith

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