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Prayer: God's way over the way of the world

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We are surrounded by things and people who can influence us. We even have people who bear the title of influencer. We have social media influencers, Kingdom influencers, evil influencers, and so many more. The question that you and I must daily ask ourselves is, "in what way do I want to be influenced? Do I want to be influenced by the word or the world?"

To be influenced by the world brings destruction and tragedy, but to be influenced by the word (of God) brings life and peace.

This week's prayer is based off Psalm 1. In order to live a blessed/happy life, the word must be the influential force in our lives.

Father God,

Your word will I hide in my heart that I may not sin against thee. I seek the advice of you Lord. I tune out the noise of the world. I reject any advice of the wicked, any advice that causes me to error. Lord may I surround myself with godly counsel. Those who will not advise me based on emotions or on how they handled a situation, but those who will advise me based on what your word says. Father, don't let me grow weary in well-doing. Help me to remember that I will reap if I faint not. Sometimes it's hard to do right when everyone around me is doing wrong, so God I ask for courage right now in the name of Jesus. Courage to stand on your word. Courage to live according to your word. Courage to challenge the world's way against the word. I take pleasure in meditating on your word. I desire for my life to bear fruit so that I may be prosperous. Your word speaks to every circumstance that I will ever face in life so may I not be easily swayed by what is trending, what is easy, and what is gratifying to my flesh. I desire to live a life that is productive and one that maximizes my God-given potential. I understand that this can not be so if I am in the company of sinners and those who reject your word. As I remain righteous, you have promised to watch over me. I pray for anyone who is within my company who may not be living righteous. May my life and my walk with you be an example to them, in the name of Jesus. But Lord, if there is any among me who have harden their hearts, may you peacefully remove them from my life. I don't want my life to be spoiled by rotten fruit. I want to flourish and be a living example of your goodness. I thank you for keeping me.

In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Abundant Blessings,

Pamela D. Smith

P.S. If you have a specific prayer request that you would like for me to pray with you on, please send it in and I will add it to my prayer list. Your faith, coupled with our prayers, will move God's hand on your behalf. Prayer Request:

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