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Welcome to this 4-week spiritual growth series of Prayer & Perseverance. Today is the first blog post of 4 that you will receive over the next four weeks.

Today's blog post deals with having patience until you receive a manifestation of your prayers. In order to persevere the fruit of patience has to be developed in us. 2020 has been hard. Very hard. We have to be real enough to admit it. However as hard as it has been, we have to celebrate the fact that we are persevering.

Lasting spiritual and personal growth is experienced when we take God's instructions, apply it to our lives, and embrace His promises, and by faith, believe that His promises will come to pass in our lives.

There's a chapter in my book, While at the Altar, on praying for our children. Nothing comes to mind when I try to think of a greater joy than being a parent. Parenting is hard, yes. It is full of ups and downs, yes. Parenting will definitely have you questioning if you have done anything wrong that is causing you to deal with the challenges and hard decisions that have to be made. Parenting will test your patience but it's absolutely one area that we must pray and persevere in.

We are a few weeks into a new school year and as I scroll through social media I see the concerning comments that parents have been making. The hard decision of should I send my kids back to school or is it safe to send kids to school or daycare, has been a parent's toughest call. Having to make a decision, with limited information about how the coronavirus affects children, can cause one to lose patience. The decision is an individual one, considering every families situation is different.

In order to experience spiritual growth during times where hard decisions have to be made regarding your children I want to give you three prayer points. You should include these in your prayers for your children as you keep in mind that whatever decisions you make as a parent does not have to look like the decision that another parent made for their child. The devil will try to bring condemnation when it comes to how you parent your children but I want to encourage you that whether you are having to decide whether to send your child to school or home school them, whether you are having to decide whether to send your child away for college or have them stay near, whether you are deciding if or how to punish your child for something that they did wrong, or whether you are deciding whether or not to make the latest electronic device or tennis shoe purchase for your child, IT IS AN INDIVIDUAL CHOICE with no right or wrong way. Take your concerns to God, have patience with your children during times of making difficult decisions, and give yourself some grace as a parent. God is there to lead and guide you and in the even that you make a choice that turns out not to be the best one, forgive yourself and move forward.

Here are 3 prayer points that will help you have patience concerning your children and to persevere during difficult decision making times:

---Pray that you do not become overwhelmed with the opinions of others and how they parent (it's okay to seek opinions from others but always remember that they are doing what's best for them and their children so you have to do what's best for you and yours. Every household is different, every child is different, and every situation is different)

---Pray that you do not become overwhelmed with too many choices (narrow your choices down to as few as you can. You will lose patience when you have too many choices. Too many choices causes overwhelm and you will either make no choice or may not make the best one)

---Pray that you don't cease from ALWAYS asking God to lead you in making the right decision (sometimes we can jump ahead of ourselves and make a choice without consulting God. In your prayer on patience and perseverance concerning your children, ask God to lead you and then surrender to His leading).

Here's a part of the prayer, from my book, on praying for your children. If you would like to purchase a copy you can click here:

Merciful God,

You gave me my children to minister to and to be a good steward over. You expect me to be a spiritual example for my children. God help me to have patience during times where I have to make difficult choices concerning my children. Help me to remember that I am not perfect, nor are my children perfect,

but we serve a perfect God who will lead me into making the best decision. God I trust you with my children and even my decision making. I surrender my thoughts, my desires, my will to you. God I also ask that I not become overwhelmed with too many choices or with the opinions of others. I pray to always include you in my decision making. I surrender to your leading. I give myself grace during times like these. As I yield to your leading, I thank you for giving me patience as I continue to persevere during challenging times of parenthood. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


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