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Navigating Marketplace Ethical Dilemmas

Updated: 5 days ago

As a corporate woman of faith, I have unique needs and have been faced with unique challenges that have been difficult to navigate. Organizations have goals, and the company that I work for is no different. My values and priorities have sometimes conflicted with the organizational goals. Feeling as if I didn't know what to do (other than resign), this became an area of focus in my prayer life. One thing I have learned is that by making spiritual wellness a priority, I am able to communicate with relevant parties and not proceed with decision-making if impartiality cannot be maintained. The key to overcoming ethical dilemmas as a corporate woman of faith, is to establish clear boundaries and sometimes communicating my commitment to my faith values.

Maybe you have been faced with ethical dilemmas in your business, brand, or corporate career. Here is a prayer for you if you have been faced with ethical dilemmas in the marketplace, as a woman of faith.


Heavenly Father, I believe that you are my source and my job is a resource. Your word tells me that every good and perfect gift comes from above, and I believe that my job is a good and perfect gift from you. Thank you for blessing me with this resource. It is a blessing to be able to use my skills and talents to serve someone else's vision and mission. I thank you for giving me the spirit to do so as I remember that I am ultimately working as unto you and not unto man. This means that I must operate in the spirit of excellence on my job. God, I ask that you help me to be bold and courageous in my faith. May I never waiver from what I know is right, even when it conflicts with organizational goals. May my decisions be guided by my desire to please you and not by a desire for raises and promotions. Whenever I am placed in a situation where my personal values and beliefs are being tested, may I remove myself from making a decision. Lord, when I do proceed with my decision-making, may my decision be made in a way that does not compromise your truth.

In Jesus name. Amen.

Abundant Blessings,

Pamela D. Smith

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