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Meet the Owner of the Healing Institute Global Network

Jackie Mungo is the business owner of The Healing Institute Global Network where her heart for health and healing is being demonstrated. We learned more about Jackie and her services that she provides through her global network.

How did you choose the work that you do?

Jackie: The work chose me. I was diagnosed with cancer at a young age, which was not the norm back then. Prior to my diagnosis, I had a heart for health and healing and after my diagnosis, it was a seamless fit.

Have you ever reconsidered your work or wondered if this is what you should really be doing?

Jackie: No. After my husband was diagnosed, I dedicated my life to caring for him. After he passed, I knew that there was so much more that I could do to help others heal.

Is your work rewarding?

Jackie: It's definitely rewarding. I love to help people and when I am able to do it, it's rewarding. When people are diagnosed with cancer, they are often times at a loss as to what to do. I feel as if I am a resource to help them navigate through.

If someone needed your help or a related resource, how could they connect with you?

To purchase a copy of the book, Women with Unshakeable Faith, that Jackie is a Co-Author in visit

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