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Meet the Director of Master the Sale Academy and learn how she helps you sustain your business

No one starts a business only to see it quickly dissolve. I know you are no different. You started your business to make impact, serve your community, be an agent of change, and to make income, but in order to do that you have to be able to sustain your business.

Sheryl Mays is a leader in business sustainability. Helping you to think ahead, deliver excellent service, and become adaptable are a few ways to create sustainability. Her firm, Rise and Shine Consulting and Coaching Firm, provides transformational experiences around business sustainability.

Sheryl chose this work because it allows her to get up every morning knowing that she is helping someone become better in their personal or professional life. This work also makes her smile and we know there is nothing like doing work that brings you joy.

As the CEO for the company, she is the Visionary, the financial steward, and the point of contact for customers. The Master the Sale Academy is a one of a kind online learning platform that focuses on customer service. She is passionate about her work due to the transformation that it provides. "People are always quitting programs, and seeking the magic sauce to success in their life and business but after they feel that the program didn't work they go back to their before state and that's why providing a transformational experience is important to me," says Sheryl.

Sheryl believes that in order to build your brand, position yourself as a leader, and to increase sales you must continuously get better at keeping your customers. Her work is rewarding because she gets to make a shift in the mindset of those who have been struggling, and are frustrated and discouraged, once she provides them with a new strategy. She loves the risk taking, faith walking, brave souled entrepreneurs that she gets to work with.

When asked what does leadership mean to her she replied, "I adopted this mindset from a business mentor that leaders get better, help others get better, and then they get better at helping others get better. This speaks to servant leadership. Leading through values allows influential leaders to empower others."

Sheryl herself is building her personal brand by continuously learning and performing with excellence while mastering her craft and providing sound, valuable information. She is also leading her organization to the next level without jeopardizing the importance of creating positive customer experiences and upholding that standard.

Sheryl leaves us with these leadership tips: lead through your values. It will always allow you to make the best decisions. Don't dream for something more than you are willing to work for it. And this is what makes her a leader in business sustainability.

We are thankful that we connected with Sheryl and we invite you to connect with her here:

Read and Lead,

Pamela D. Smith

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