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Meet Krystal Rosser; Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Author

Krystal Rosser is on a mission to help foster self growth through her business endeavors and entrepreneurial pursuits. We learn more about Krystal and how she is leading and building her brand.

So you are a Business Owner and an Entrepreneur. Tell us more about your business and brand.

Krystal: I own A Clean Experience, LLC, which is a commercial and residential cleaning service. I also own Healing Open Wounds which is where I help foster self growth in others. With the cleaning business we offer cleaning service that match our client's needs. We ensure cleanliness, hygiene, and organization and our services are customized.

At Healing Open Wounds we support individuals on their journey as they confront and resolve lingering emotional distress, trauma, and challenging experiences that have gone unresolved.

Interesting. Why did you choose the work that you do?

Krystal: I find solace in working behind the scenes. This allows me to be efficient. I chose the self growth service because I have experienced emotional pain myself. Once I learned how to navigate through it, I wanted to help others. I wanted to create businesses that catered to both the physical and emotional well-being of others.

What does leadership mean to you?

Krystal: Leadership is the ability to inspire, guide, and influence others towards a shared vision and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

How can readers stay connected with you or inquire about your services?

Krystal: Instagram @HealingOpenedWounds Website:

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