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May's Monthly Prayer

Updated: May 9

Pray this prayer for the month. You can refer back to it as often as you need to.

You can change your life by changing your language.

Confidence and Self-worth are not surface level characteristics. These are traits that should be embraced from the soul.

Heavenly Father,

I want to change my language so that I can change my life.

I want to change how I talk to myself and how I talk about myself.

I recognize the power of my voice and I am ready to eradicate shame, doubt, insecurity, and low self-esteem from my life.

I want to be bold with my voice. No longer will I succumb to what others have spoke over my life. I am renewing my mind today! I am aligning my words with your words and I will decree what you have said about me.

I decree that I am breaking free from the internal messages of unworthiness, lack, and guilt and I am allowing the word of God to usher me into a realm of confidence, self-worth, and success.

I understand that I need confidence for more than to look good, but I need confidence to be unstoppable, as I partner with you Lord, to build a personal brand and position myself as a leader. I understand that I need confidence to pursue my goals. I need confidence to go after the life that you have destined for me.

I thank you for increasing my confidence, self-worth, and success. May you always be glorified through my life.

In Jesus mighty name. Amen

Pamela D. Smith

P.S. Share this prayer link with others who may need an increase in their confidence and self-worth. Just copy this link and text it to them or paste it on your social media. Let's help each other grow.

P.S.S. If you have not already signed up to my text list, then you can do so by texting the word confidence to 682-299-6689 so I can send you the monthly prayer as well as empowerment decrees a few times per month. I promise I won't bombard you with texts, dear heart.

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