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Heal yourself and Help others

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Help yourself and others by healing! You need to get healed of your emotional wounds. You might be asking, "Why is inner healing important?" Inner healing is important because we are able to live the life that God designed for us when we are able to deal with the hurts of the past.

"I must not be a real Christian or truly saved if I need inner healing!" For so many years this was my mantra. Because of this, it was hard for me to admit that I needed healing. I would experience something devastating and brush it off as if I an everyone and everything around me was okay. How could I admit that I needed to go within and allow God to do a work in me when I was so busy helping everyone else get themselves right? To me, it sounded hypocritical and weak!

The funny thing is I know I am not the only woman of faith who has felt this way. I know that someone reading this can relate to me. Since I have healed I have the courage to say that Christianity, church, faith, and prayer can cripple us and have us in bondage if we are not studying to show ourselves approved; if we are allowing men and women (who are just vessels) to be our teachers, and not allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us what we should know about these things.

Without the teaching of the Holy Spirit, we will live under the false ideology that if we are "real" we shouldn't go through anything. Without the teaching of the Holy Spirit, we will live under the false ideology that if we are re al we can't show people our scars, or even admit that we have them.

Without the teaching of the Holy Spirit, we will live under the false ideology that we should ta int our image and falsely pretend that we are A-Okay in order to not hinder or cause anyone else to stumble.

But the truth is, what's real is getting yourself healed and not being concerned about who knows you had to be healed.

What's real is that inner healing is strength. It's power. It's faith. It's an answered prayer. It's taking God at His word. It's exchanging our weakness for His strength. It's how we renew our minds and reclaim our lives.

Go(o)d Girls, you will not live in freedom, peace, truth, love, and abundance until you get heal ed. I don't care if you were hurt in your marriage, your kids hurt you, your family hurt you, yo u were hurt on your job, your friends caused you pain, or you have suffered a financial hurt, YO U MUST BE HEALED!!

Here are 7 reasons why inner healing is important:

  • Healing helps you to have more fruitful relationships

  • Healing helps you to stop overreacting

  • Healing helps you to stop holding grudges

  • Healing helps you to stop being insecure

  • Healing helps you to stop repeating bad habits

  • Healing helps you to experience real joy

  • Healing helps you to live a purpose-driven life

I want you to commit to your inner healing and watch how your life starts to flourish.

I want you to open up every email that I send over the next few months. I want to walk with you through your healing process and see the hand of God move in your life!

Blessings & Breakthroughs,

Pamela D. Smith

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