Love Wins

All lives matter. As an African American I never want anyone to think that all lives don't matter because they do. We put emphasis on black lives matter because if you are of any age then you are aware that black lives have been devalued and taken without cause for far too long. As a mother of three black boys who have experienced the injustices and systematic wrongs that we see, this is ripping me at the core. I know it's overwhelming. I know it's heartbreaking. I know it makes you want to grit your teeth, bite your lip, curse, and maybe even lash out but love will always win, peace will always win, and the pathway to love and peace is wisdom. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak. This is a time where we are going to have to really be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is a time where we need to be on the altar more frequently than we usually are. I'm encouraging you to:

  • Pray Fervently

  • Speak up

  • Stand Tall

  • Use Wisdom

  • Be Careful

  • Donate to organizations that promote justice & equality

  • Support Black Businesses

  • Be more loving & kind to others, especially your black brothers and sisters

  • Stop Judging other blacks and lend helping hands

There's so much more that we can do but I really want to encourage you to hang in there. God is still able. There's just some things that we MUST do. We are facing two world crises-COVID-19 and a heightened awareness of racism therefore we are charged to use our spiritual and our natural resources to see a change. An immediate one!

Seeing innocent black people killed reminds me of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how He was crucified without a cause. His blood was shed for you and I. We can never make wrong, right and we should never try but we must stand together, pray together, and demand change.

I'm Praying and I'm Participating. Love and Blessings,

Pamela D. Smith

Pray this prayer:

Father God, we ask that you heal the land. Oh God we need results. We need immediate results. Lord continue to strengthen us so that we don't get weary in well-doing, give wisdom during the protests so that we are not destructive but impactful. Move on the hearts of all who have the authority to make decisions. God may we all see each other the way you see each of us. We want peace. We want justice. We want equality. We want unity. God we know that there is absolutely nothing too hard for you so as we stand together, as we pray together, as we keep believing together we trust in your ability to heal as our voices are heard. We are reminded that faith without works is dead but God may the works that we do, to bring these injustices to an end, bring glory and honor to you. In Jesus name. Amen