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Janay Thompson tells us about her family ministry

All mothers know that a stay at home mom does more than just stay at home. It's no different with Janay Thompson. Although she is not working a corporate job or building a business, she is leading where it matters most-in her home.

Tell us about your day as a stay at home mom.

Janay: I am raising my children, homeschooling them, and tending to the household needs.

We would say that your title is not a stay at home mom. You are an in home teacher. :-)

Why did you make the decision to take on this important task?

Janay: After I had my second child, i realized how difficult it would be to work with two small children. I did not want to miss out on their lives and I did not want them to be subjected to the flawed school system.

I can imagine how rewarding it must be to teach your own children. What they learn is more controlled by you. Is that how you feel?

Janay: Yes. Because my philosophy is from a biblical view. I am a Proverbs 31 wife. I am called to something rewarding and that is being home full time. By doing so I am maximizing the time spent with my family and I am also fulfilling the call of God on my life.

How would you say you are building your personal brand?

Janay: I am starting a faith based family ministry. I am building by staying at the feet of God and becoming confident in who He created me to be. I am putting my degree in child development and family studies to use in my own home.

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