I Stopped Praying

I stopped praying. Not literally. I had to change up the way I was praying. I had to change up the things that I was saying to God. I had to stop closing my prayer after I talked to God and had to start waiting on Him to talk back to me.

I had to stop praying for things, people, and situations on the surface and had to start asking God to give me wisdom and strategy on how to deal with it/them all. I had 3 devastating, dark situations to happen in my life and each time my prayer life shifted. Each time forced me to go deeper while spending quiet time with God.

We are fighting a REAL enemy, people of faith. A real enemy whose only mission is to steal, kill, and destroy us. Whether he destroys us through our lack of faith, through our spouses, through our kids, through our family, through our bad habits, through our unholy lifestyle, he aims to take us out for the count. Our weapon is prayer! But with any weapon we have to know how to handle it so that it does not become a danger to our own selves. Yes, there is a way that we must pray. Yes, there are some key things that result in answered prayer. The way to pray is fervently. What does it mean to pray fervently? It means to pray with a passionate intensity. This does not mean loud. This does not mean one must have to be articulate or well-spoken/versed. It means that there must be an intense passion to get results. It means that there is a fire burning down on the inside of the one who is praying and they are seeking answers. Remember Jacob in Genesis 32:26? He had a fervent prayer and his prayer to God was, "I won't let go until you bless my soul." This is how we have to fervently pray. We have to be determined that we won't let go until God bless our souls. Even when we are just praying and thanking God we need to have a passionate intensity about giving thanks to Him.

Listen for God's voice, read His word, and get in agreement with what He is saying and pray that. That's how you pray fervently, while at the altar.

Instead of giving you a prayer I am going to give you three prayer points and challenge you to immediately go into prayer after reading this.


1. To be led by the Holy Spirit during prayer time

2. To yield to the Holy Spirit as He is leading you on what to pray

3. To listen to the voice of God and get in agreement with Him during prayer.

May all of your prayers be answered, in Jesus name.

Evangelist Pamela D. Smith