How to Hear the Voice of God

There is constant noise surrounding us. From all sides, voices are telling us how to live, what to do, and what to feel. Amid this noise and haste, it can become difficult to hear the voice of God.

God is constantly speaking to us. But often, we can’t hear Him or feel as if He does not speak to us. We seek His guidance only when we are going through difficulties. So, when we need to hear His voice the most, we are unable to hear His voice clearly.

We get confused when we don’t get clear guidance or hear what we need to do. Then we start to wonder why we are unable to hear the voice of God.

If you want to hear the voice of God and get closer to Him, you have to seek His guidance regularly. Here are three things you can do to hear the voice of God:

1. Quiet the External and Internal Noise

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

To hear the voice of God, you have to quiet the external as well as internal noise. You have to take a step back and create moments of quiet time for yourself. There should be no distractions near you. These moments of quiet time don’t have to be long. You can start with small moments of quiet time from three to five minutes daily.

You should sit in your room quietly for a few minutes. Take a walk alone or even drive in silence. Be sure you don’t have media devices (especially your phone) with you. Silence will calm your mind, and you’ll feel peaceful.

But along with external noise, you have to quiet the internal noise as well. When you sit in silence, you’ll find that your thoughts are blasting through your brain. You may find yourself holding on to negative thinking patterns or replaying the painful experiences of your past.

But you have to direct your focus to God. Pay attention to the voice of God and try your best to hear Him.

2. Activate the Will Towards God

“Give ear and hear my voice, Listen, and hear my words.” (Isaiah 28:23)

We sometimes ignore the voice of God when it’s not what we wanted to hear. But that’s not the right thing to do. When you have asked God for His guidance, you should obey what He says. So, it’s important to activate your will towards God.

Believe that God knows what is good for you. His plan is always the best. Sometimes the path is difficult but it is the right path.

3. Know the Voice Of God

“And you will seek for Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

Spend your time studying the Bible. It will help you know God better and you will become closer to Him. Ask Him for guidance all the time. Spend your time getting to know the voice of God. It’s not like you’ll get ‘this or that’ responses when you need His help occasionally. You have to pay attention and ask for His guidance regularly.

God will show you the right way. When you become familiar with His word it will help you to better discern His voice. Some people say that they can’t hear the voice of God. But not hearing usually means that they have ignored the voice so much until it’s not evident. Don’t let this be you. Spend time with Him and know His voice.


Father God, I thank you for speaking to me. I praise you because I am your sheep and according to your word, your sheep knows your voice and a stranger they will not follow. I will spend more time with you so that I can stay in tune with your voice as you continue to lead and direct my life. I love you. In Jesus' name. Amen


Pamela D. Smith

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