Spiritual Awareness Part 2

Ephesians 5:14, "For anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, "Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you."

In continuing with spiritual awareness, we see in this scripture how the Apostle Paul makes a contrast between darkness and light. When we are not spiritually aware, we are in darkness. Once we open up our hearts and minds and embrace what God says about us, it's like flipping a light switch on and things becoming clear. When you, when I, when we, accept what God has said about us, and nothing else, then we begin to walk in light and operate from our divine authority. One of the common misnomers I have heard people say is, "God finally showed me my purpose." Actually what should be said is, "I finally became aware of my purpose." To say that God finally showed it to me is to imply that God hides it from us and He does not do that. He wants us to be operating at our highest self and to be able to serve others, and we can only do that when we are spiritually aware and clear about our purpose.

Affirmations: I am good because I am God's. I am walking in my divine authority. I am a reflection of love and light.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank you for calling me the light. God give me the courage to let my light so shine before men so that they will see my good works but glorify you. I want to be a living example of your grace, goodness, love, and light. In Jesus name. Amen

Blessings and Breakthroughs,

Pamela D. Smith