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Free Healing E-Book: Healed Life, Whole Woman

Experiencing devastation, hurt feelings, trauma, and aggression requires you to actively participate in your healing. It's not that God can't do it; it's that healing starts with a personal commitment of wanting better and wanting different. It's you making a decision that you are really ready to step into the life of joy, peace, and abundance that God has ordained you to live. This e-book will help you to release past hurt and pain, whether it be in your friendships, relationships, career, marriage, childhood, adulthood, as a mother, whatever area you need healing in, this workbook will help you partner with God and become healed and whole.

Click this link and complete the form and receive your FREE healing workbook. Your name will be also be added to my prayer list and I will pray that God shows up BIG in your life! Once you download the free e-book, take a picture and tag me on Facebook (Pamela D. Smith) or Instagram (@pameladssmith) with the hashtag #healedlifewholewoman and make a declaration that you are on your way to healing your life and being a whole woman!

Blessings and Breakthroughs to you!

Pamela D. Smith

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