Forsaken Love by Sylvester Murray

What comes to your mind when you think of forsaken love? Do you think of someone neglecting to love another? Do you think of someone abandoning true love when they find it? I was glad to run across Author Sylvester Murray's African American Urban Fiction Romance, Forsaken Love.

Fifteen years ago, Angelina Sanders had only begun to lead her dream life when she experienced the ultimate betrayal. Broken and hurt, Angelina left everything behind and started fresh, all alone. Now, Angelina receives a letter from her estranged sister that makes her rethink everything she ever believed. Can Angelina reconnect with the family she once left behind as she struggles to accept the help she’s not quite sure she deserves? Will she be able to redirect the course of her career as she finally finds inspiration for her art? But above all else, will she be able to reclaim the heart of the man she once loved - or, has he already moved on without her?

If you love Urban Fiction Romance I recommend you get a copy of this book now! Forsaken Love is available on Amazon by clicking this link:

About the Author:A few minutes from the ocean, in a quaint small seaport town, is where the author calls home. He has made his mark as a professional cook, a poet and a songwriter. He has also written 10 published books in various genres, including, Non-fiction, Cooking, Science fiction, Romance, Drama, Mystery, Audio books, and Horror. He has written quite a lot of songs as well. They include hip-hop, R&B, and contemporary Christian music. His hobbies include fishing, hiking, and walking along the beach at his leisure time. He keeps himself busy writing when life unwinds from it hectic pace.

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