Faith that Yields Peace

The peace of God is your security system.

The peace of God will guard your heart and mind.

If you think I am making it up, then grab your bible and turn to Philippians 4:6-7. Even if you believe me, read those scriptures anyway. How does faith yield peace? Faith causes you to trust and when you trust you don't worry.

Think about what went on with the disciples in Luke 8:22-25. They lost their peace when they lost their faith in that moment.

You will lose your peace every time you drop your guard. You will lose your peace every time you take your focus off of Jesus.

Right now you may be thinking that Jesus is sleeping on your situation, just like He did in Luke 8 when He settled down for a nap. Although He may not be awake, He is fully aware!

The disciples didn't lose their peace because Jesus settled for a nap. They lost their peace because they chose to panic, because they forgot whose they were, and because they lost faith in God's ability. They gave the storm more credit than they gave to the ONE who was going to calm the storm.

You may be asking if God is testing your faith because you don't understand why He even allows the storms. I'll give you 3 reasons why He allows the storms, based on what we see in Luke 8.

  1. To demonstrate His power in your life. Look at verse 25 of Luke 8. It says the disciples were both terrified and amazed and asked, "Who is this man?" One translation says they asked, "what manner of man is this?" This proves that when Jesus rebuked the winds and waves the disciples saw His power in demonstration. Your faith can be strengthened when you understand that although there are storms and chaos brewing in your life, you WILL see the power of Jesus demonstrated if you keep the faith.

  2. To remind us of who is in control. Oftentimes we consciously and unconsciously try to take the control away from God and put it in our own hands or the hands of man. Think of the statement that the disciples made after they asked, "what manner of man is this." They stated (NLT version), "When He gives a command, even the wind and waves obey Him." That's power and control that Jesus demonstrated. You have authority but you don't have control. When your faith is in question it's because you want to be in control and you are not fully trusting God. When Jesus saw that the disciples were afraid and shouting He asked them, "Where is your faith?" To get all worked up over storms and chaos exemplifies a lack of faith. You should always be aware, be cautious, and sometimes there is even a need to be concerned but fear and panic is birthed from a lack of faith and a need for control. God's got you. You do what you can and trust Him to do what you can't.

  3. To reveal Himself to us. The disciples came to know Jesus as the stormchaser, if you will. They came to know Him as a mind regulator. He became the Prince of Peace. They awaken Him from a nap, He speaks to the storm and there came a great calm. This gave them a new perspective on who Jesus was. This made the scripture "my grace is sufficient" come alive to them. The storms that Jesus has calmed in your life should have given you a new perspective on who He is. Storms will reveal your level of faith and will reveal who Jesus is to you, or how you really see Him.

How do you really see Jesus during your times of storms? Do you fully trust Him. Take about 2 minutes to meditate on those questions and your answers.

May the power of God cause your faith to rise to another level.

God Bless You,

Pamela D. Smith

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Until next time, God be with you!

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