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Challenges that black women leaders face

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

It's not just a vain cry for attention, but rather a legitimate concern of black women. There is an exceedingly disproportionate gap in black women leaders than there are in other races. After Covid 19 hit and the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor racial injustices gained widespread attention, companies started implementing diversity and inclusion policies to try to bridge the gap.

The effort is greatly appreciated.

We must take note though that even black, women-owned small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs do not receive the same assistance or respect as businesses and brands of other races.

We've come a long way and still have a long way to go. One thing that we must consistently do is bring awareness to the gaps. In bringing awareness I want to share 3 challenges that black women leaders face. Whether it be in a corporate setting, as a community leader, or as a social influencer there are challenges that make it twice as difficult for black women leaders to lead with pride, excellence, and confidence.

  1. The double-edged sword. Gender and racial bias. All women are subject to gender bias, however black women are subject to gender bias and racial bias, making it twice as hard to be promoted or recognized as a leader and if she ever does, her role is more stressful than it would be for anyone else as she is not allowed to lead with the same grace and ease of others due to lack of support and mentorship.

  2. Consistently being turned down for business loans, commercial property loans, grants, and other funding that they may qualify for. They are also not always told about resources that are available or not allowed into mentoring programs.

  3. Lack of collaborations and partnership opportunities. With the rise of social influencing, companies are paying big money to have influencers market and promote their business and services, however, these opportunities are not as available to black women influencers.

As women, we are making our mark in the world. Whether it be with starting our own businesses, becoming influential, or creating personal brands as writers and authors, we are putting in the work. The challenges faced by black women leaders can be a barrier to the creativity and excellence that we are so well capable of however as the conquerors that we are, we can overcome.

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Pamela D. Smith

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