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Another year of Purpose

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Dear Go(o)d Girl,

Celebrate another year of purpose with me!! God willing, tomorrow I will be celebrating my birthday. I'm so excited about it. Not because of gifts that I may receive or the private celebration that my family and I have planned, but because it means that God has given me another opportunity to be purposeful. That's more than enough to be happy about.

As I reflect back over my journey from the previous year, I have to admit how awesome our God is!! This year, I have decided, will be a year of simplicity for me. I'm taking time to BE more without doing more. I'm going to be intentional about doing things that are in alignment with my purpose.

I want to share 3 recent interviews that I was honored to do. For my birthday tomorrow I'm asking you to gift me with the gift of intentional purpose by reading the magazine interview and listening in on the 2 podcast interviews. You will better understand me, my purpose, and why healing and alignment is important to me. My new year is not January 1, but January 9. My new year is every new year that God graces me with another opportunity for purposeful living.

I'm grateful for you!

*If it's not too much to ask leave a comment or a takeaway on one of these features *

Blessings and Breakthroughs,

Pamela D. Smith

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