5 Ways to Sell 5 Books Today and Everyday

If there's one thing that I don't like as a writer it is an incomplete story. When I first started self-publishing I did so based on an incomplete story. The story I was told was "just write the book" so I was left with the understanding that that was all there was to becoming an accomplished author. Just write the book. I was never told that I needed to build an author platform and that I would need to market and sell the books myself. Initially I was not up for all of that extra work so after I published my book I almost stopped there. However there was something inside of me that wouldn't allow me to stop at publishing. So I was left with figuring out the rest of this publishing know the branding, platforms, marketing, and selling. It took years and I don't mean 2 or 3. I wasted a lot of money hiring business coaches and marketing strategists who were not able to effectively coach me or give me any book strategies. That's certainly not to bash or discredit anyone. I was just not their target client. I didn't stop there. I kept researching and praying and eventually I was led to the right person. I started implementing the strategies that she gave me and I tweaked what worked for me and I didn't bother to do what didn't work. As authors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners we have to stop doing what doesn't work. Just because it works for someone else does not mean that it is the right strategy for us/you. I learned that one of the most effective ways to sell more books is promotion by evangelism marketing. I know that sounds intentional being that I am an evangelist but I didn't learn this strategy until about 2 years ago although I've been self-publishing for almost 9 years. Evangelism marketing is a more passionate, advanced, word of mouth marketing. It's where readers read the book, find it beneficial, and they start telling others about it in a convincing way. They will start posting pics of the book and recommending it to others without being asked. Evangelism marketing only works if the book is really good and helps readers with something they are struggling with. Example: with my latest book, I sold 94 copies in 3 days through evangelism marketing. I had not yet implemented the marketing strategy that I had planned out before I released the book. I didn't tell anyone to tell a friend or anything. People found the book to be beneficial so they started evangelizing about it. Within 2 weeks I had sold 200 copies and counting. Now coupled with my marketing strategy, I am averaging about 5 sales per day. Some days more, some slightly less and I'm expecting it to trend upwards.

I want to share with you 5 ways to sell 5 books today and everyday. If you do these things you should start seeing some consistent sales. Even if you start out just selling one book per day, I believe that with continued use of these strategies you will soon start to sell 5 or more books.

  1. Go through your email list or phone contact list and email (or text) an excerpt of the book and the link to your personal & professional contacts (if you have a large list then email 10 or 20 people per day until you have emailed them all)

  2. Tie your book in to a theme and every quarter do a theme-related mini re-launch of your book. (this will help with consistent sales)

  3. Bundle the book with another product and sell it. Make sure that your post of the bundle includes great caption/content with a clear call to action

  4. Do a countdown (example: the next 5 or 10 people who purchase the book within the next 2 hours will be entered into a drawing for...(whatever your prize is)

  5. Get your social media friends involved by offering them something in exchange for them posting/sharing your link and tagging you. This will organically boost your post.

I would recommend that you take these actions every week for the next 90 days. You can implement one strategy per day (Monday-Friday) and then repeat the next week. I also recommend that you subscribe to my email list at as I will be sharing other tips that I am using to help sell more books.

Until next time, Be Blessed and get to work!

P. S. Don't forget to let me know how these are working for you. Also if you need some digital promotions of your book then check out this service:

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