5 Ways to Know it's time to start writing your book

Updated: Aug 21


It doesn't matter where you find yourself, from crumpled papers to the little scribbles at the edge of your book; one thing is obviously never absent from your side i.e., some form of writing material like a pen, paper or a digital memo. Some people are born with some specific qualities that others may lack, and it is no doubt quite true for the writers. You even try to make a plan about writing a book or read different books to understand how a book is written.

The following are the five ways to know that it is time to start writing your book.

1. You are a word hoarder

If any sentence makes sense to you, you are writing it down. Without having a notepad by your side, you are not able to read books. It is because there is a feeling in you to read and retain something that just makes sense.

2. You love to read

When your definition of fun becomes different in reading books, then it is a sign that you are to write a book. Even loaning a book can be difficult because you can't even bear taking some of your favorite books to certain places because of the fear of losing those books.

3. You know good writing when you read it

Even though you may feel your writing is not good enough, you still have a good taste for writing. You tend to appreciate any writing that is expertly constructed. Sometimes you even repeatedly read a sentence or paragraph because of what is written and how it is written.

4. You observe and create stories about different people

Your eyes never stay in one place. As everybody else happens to chatter away, you watch the actions of people silently. Sometimes, you stare at the people, while other times, you make up mental stories without anybody taking notice of you.

5. You use writing as a form of therapy

For you, putting your words on paper is therapeutic. When you feel angry, lonely, or just depressed, the piece of paper next to you becomes your best friend. If a few days happen to pass without you writing something down, then your emotions could go berserk. At this particular point, you know that it is again time to go back to writing.

How many of these points bear witness to the writer in you? If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is time for you to start writing then I have a workbook for you. This workbook titled, It Is Written, is designed to help you start and finish your manuscript.

It Is Written Writing Workbook
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