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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

“I am building a brand. I have started a business,” seems to be the trending echo in the marketplace. While both are great, making sure that your brand is properly positioned and that you are establishing credibility as a leader is vital.

When you couple your creativity with your value, you set yourself apart. So, although there is no one size fits all approach to building your brand, there are some foundational things by which you must build your brand to increase your chances of longevity and credibility.

I am going to share 5 steps to positioning your brand and establishing yourself as a leader. We already understand the power of women leaders therefore when you are positioned properly, your brand becomes an agent of change.

First, understand your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Most individuals can easily identify their strengths, but it is sometimes difficult as women leaders to admit that we need help in an area. It is just our nurturing nature. We do not like to ask for help, we want to be the ones that are helping. Greatness comes from understanding what you are not good at and put a plan in place to improve or outsource. This is the power of women leaders.

Secondly, live and lead by core values. You need to establish core values for your brand and your target audience needs to see you living out those core values. For example, my core values are faith, family, legacy, and growth. Allowing my target audience to see me demonstrating faith, writing books to create legacy, being family oriented, and continuously growing personally and professionally. It is not enough for you to communicate your core values; you must also live them to position your brand and establish yourself as a leader.

Third, connect your passion with what your target audience needs the most. Passion alone is not a way to position yourself in the marketplace because you can be passionate about something that the majority of your audience does not need. Therefore, you will need to make sure your passion aligns with their needs. For example, I am passionate about writing and spiritual growth. My audience needs help with authoring their books and increasing their faith. I had to align my love for writing for myself and start teaching my audience ways for them to write their book.

Fourth, communicate your brand message. This communication is not just in word, but it is in action as well. My brand message is “books build brands.” I cannot just verbally communicate that message by saying it or posting it, but I must allow my audience to see me using my books to build my brand in tangible ways.

Lastly, grow your platform. The first thing you will need to do to grow your platform is to find out what platform your target audience is on and be there. If your audience is on Tik Tok, then you need to spend more time there than on Facebook. Communicating with your audience on their preferred platform and then leading them to your website, blog, or storefront is how you will grow your platform.

The rise of women in leadership means that our power and potential is being recognized more and we are becoming decision makers and agents of change. As we continue to build our brands and position ourselves as leaders, our voices are being elevated. The power of women leaders means a rise in female impact, influence, and innovation.

Build your Brand. You are your Brand.

For free resources to help you create a brand strategy and gain brand awareness, click here:

Pamela D. Smith is an Empowerment and Executive Leadership Speaker and Writer. She is a multi, award-winning author who helps women with spiritual growth and leadership as well as help them build their brands through authorship. To learn more about Pamela visit

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