Dear Go(o)d Girl

Dear Go(o)d Girl

Dear Go(o)d Girl,

Are you ready to step forward into balance, peace, and success in the core areas of your life?

We think that it is time that you do.

In an era where women are known to compete, 9 women will show you how to collaborate in a way that other women are inspired, encouraged, and given tips to move forward.

Are you married, a mother, in ministry, or trying to better manage your money? We have just the book for you! In a few short weeks, October 13 to be exact, Dear Go(o)d Girl will be available to you.

In this inspirational read there are real life experiences on marriage and you will receive tips on how to eliminate emotional struggle in your marriage. You will also learn what being a divine help meet really looks like. There are tips on how to affirm your children so that you have a louder voice than the outside influences that they sometimes listen to. You will also read about how every woman has a ministry and why ministry is not narrowed down to being in a pulpit. Also included in the book are money making and money management tips that every woman should know.

Stay close. You will be able to pre-order starting October 6, 2018.

Blessings and Breakthroughs,

Pamela D. Smith

Dear Go(o)d Girl Snippet

Dear Go(o)d Girl Snippet

Determination and Destiny